Nike+ coming to iPhone and iPod touch

“Nike+ will definitely be extending its compatibility beyond the iPod Nano to the iPhone and iPod touch. No surprise there really, but the interesting detail is that it could also make use of both devices Wi-Fi (and, ultimately for the iPhone, 3G capability) to let you update your training log on the fly. Once you’ve legged round your local park you’ll be able to send the data (probably via a software app like the one the new SportBand uses) wirelessly without having to sit down and drip sweat over your computer. Very cool,” Mark Wilson reports for

“This will come in particularly handy when using the new Nike+ Coach feature (above), which is due to go live today. Clearly an attempt to match the personal trainer qualities of Samsung and Adidas’ miCoach system, the Coach gives you the option of picking a 5k, 10k, half marathon or full marathon programs and provides a calendar to let you schedule runs,” Mark Wilson reports for

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  1. I regularly run with my iPhone. It’s not as heavy as it looks especially when on a firm belt hook. The sorry excuse for ear buds that Apple ships however get a grade of FAIL!

    Well, there’s also the added annoyance of phone calls interrupting your perfectly tuned music. Ruins your pace, even if you don’t answer.

    I want ear buds that I don’t have to worry slipping out of my ears every 5 freaking minutes, makes the whole run just abysmally annoying!

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