Teammates give David Beckham golden 32GB Apple iPod touch

“Former England captain David Beckham will be dancing for joy after his team-mates clubbed together to buy him a special something to celebrate him reaching the elite 100-cap club for his country,” Charlie Caroe reports or The Telegraph.

“As you can see it is not just your standard Apple product but rather a golden 32-gigabyte personalised version to mark the occasion,” Caroe reports. “Beckham… made his England debut in September 1996 against Moldova [and will likely] to add to his 100 caps following Capello’s post-match appraisal of his performance, and with just four men ahead of him there is a small possibility the Leytonstone-born footballer could surpass former goalkeeper Peter Shilton’s record of 125 England appearances if he is able to continue playing until the 2010 World Cup in South Africa as he desires.”

“In the meantime he can enjoy listening to his wife’s back catalogue on his £600 ipod – he certainly has enough storage space with 32 GB,” Caroe reports.

Full article, with larger photo of Becks’ new iPod, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicta” for the heads up.]


  1. Beckham increasingly strikes me as a man who squandered his talents by listening to his wife and her advisers.

    It’s a tragedy (albeit one of little importance) that the man didn’t win more in his club career after leaving Manchester Utd; a move which it could be argued was United’s manager becoming increasingly unimpressed by Beckham’s show-business lifestyle.

    The sad thing is that neither man profited from the argument: Beckham is sadly no longer the player he once was and it has taken several years for Sir Alex Ferguson to rebalance Manchester Utd.’s team when combined with several other key retirements and departures.

  2. Nice gift.

    I wonder if the publicity of this will motivate other pricey gift givers to order up some. Perhaps the golden iPod/iPhone will replace the Mont Blanc pen as a reward for great performance in business.

  3. It’s not his LA Galaxy teammates buying the Touch, it’s his England National teammates. They make as much in salary as “goldenballs”, as the English Premier League salaries for English players is ridiculously high.

    Beckham did alright at Real Madrid, leaving on a very high note. ManU sacrificed a player at the peak of his value and restocked for the future, buying Christiano Ronaldo, the best player in the world, now, and Wayne Rooney, amongst others. They have a core of a young team that can win titles for the next 5 years.

    I think it worked out for both parties.

  4. Note to MDN’s USA readers: Soccer is a game of great skill and a top-level national sport for virtually every country in the world. Apart from local soccer leagues, each country chooses its finest home players for a national team and these teams complete in continental and world championships. Billions of people worldwide tune in to watch these events on TV. The best players from all nationalities are sought by local soccer teams around the world and very often become huge stars in the country the play in.

    Unfortunately, because soccer is such a top-level international competitive sport, it cannot guarantee the same country dominates and wins every tournament – therefore the USA probably will probably never have an interest in developing soccer at a local and national level – and prefer instead to stick to national sports with very few teams to compete with beyond its own borders – therefore ensuring the USA always wins.

    MW ‘window’ (as in ‘on the world’).

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