Apple’s second 50-acre Cupertino campus taking longer than expected?

“Steve Jobs’s plans for a new Apple campus in its hometown of Cupertino, Calif. are taking a little longer than expected to become reality,” Jon Fortt blogs for Fortune.

“Two years ago this month, the Apple CEO made a surprise visit to a Cupertino City Council meeting to deliver big news: Apple had been looking for an additional site for its growing workforce, and considered leaving its longtime home. But the company managed to cobble together nine pieces of land about a mile from Apple’s current digs, and decided to stay in Cupertino after all, using both locations,” Fortt reports.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs addresses Cupertino City Council (April 2006):

Direct link via YouTube:

“Two years after the announcement, Apple has not applied for permits to build on the site, confirmed Ciddy Wordell, a project manager for the city of Cupertino who is in charge of the North Vallco development area where the new Apple land is located,” Fortt reports.

“Once all of that is done, it often takes about two years for a major construction project to be completed. So unless Apple gets its campus plans moving more quickly, it looks like the whole ordeal drag on a bit longer than Jobs had hoped,” Fortt reports.

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