Apple releases Apple TV 2.0.1 Update

Apple has released Apple TV 2.0.1 Update.

The update offers no details on either Apple’s Website or the Apple TV itself, so we are assuming it to be a minor update with bug fix(es).

Apple TV 2.0.1 Update can be obtained by using Apple TV’s Settings>General>Update Software command. Users will then see a “Software updating” message and after a few minutes (3 minutes via fast cable modem in our case) the user will be presented the choice “Update now” or “Update later.”

Choosing “Update now” leads to a restart, then approximately four Apple logo flashes, an Apple logo with a progress bar, then about 5 more logo flashes and finally the short Apple TV intro movie.

Users who navigate to Settings>General>About will see their Apple TV software has been upgraded to 2.0.1.

Users will find the addition of “Genres” under “My Movies” in 2.0.1 which is definitely helpful in organizing and finding movies within large movie collections. The UI also seems — you know it — snappier. Nothing else is currently known about this update. We do count 176 HD movies now available which may be a bit more than the last time we checked earlier this week, but that may be unrelated to the 2.0.1. update.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RIchard” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: If you notice anything new or different about Apple TV after the update, let us know below.


  1. @ coolguy

    I have many music videos and I don’t want to have select another one every time the current video stops playing. I want to make a playlist of all my music videos and have them all play one after the other while I entertain my guests.

  2. From what I can tell, HDMI seems to sync faster, the menus are somewhat faster, and some of my movies that had no sound after the Take 2 update no have sound again. Over seems to be a nice update.

  3. The addition of Genres under My Movies will be greatly welcome. I have over 200 movies and need a way to quickly sort through them to find something to watch. This is a perfect example of Apple’s focus on consumer experience.

  4. Usually we kid when an update is released that it makes things snappier. Well, it is no joke this time…….the ATV 2.0.1 update has COMPLETELY fixed the sluggish as hell interface of Take 2. It is a night and day difference, and I do mean for the better. If you have an AppleTV, go get this update right now.

    Now……if Apple would only offer Safari and an iTunes Visualizer type screen saver to AppleTV, I would be all set.

  5. Does it fix the problem of Podcasts and YT vids not updating for a week then all coming at once? Or does no one in the world use it for that because no one seems to have heard of the problem and the “Genius” guys say the hardware is fine?

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