Report: Apple iPhone to launch in Mexico in June

Apple’s revolutionary iPhone finally has a launch date in Mexico, according to a source in the company and employees of some Apple Stores in New York and San Francisco, Dalia de la Paz reports for the Spanish-language Mexico City daily El Universal.

Apple iPhone will launch in June officially in Mexico and in other Latin American countries, de la Paz reports.

According to the sources Apple has a deal with the digital telephony service Telcel. The source said it was also possible that iPhone would launch in some South American countries on the same day and month, but did not specify the exact day, de la Paz reports.

El Universal made several phone calls to customer support Apple in the United States since February and, upon requesting an iPhone, some employees have said that it is not possible to sell iPhone to Mexico, but that will be available in June, de la Paz reports.

Full article in Spanish here.

Full article via Google Spanish to English translation here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Philippe” for the heads up.]


  1. This is a sad day for airlines. So many Mexicans were flying to the U.S. just to get their iPhones… Now that CompUSA has closed shop foreign tech guys are just left with Best Buy (not that good) or Fry’s (excellent).

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