Houston Chronicle: Apple’s Time Capsule makes backing up a breeze

Apple Online Store“Ask a roomful of Mac users if they know that they must back up important files or risk losing them forever, and most will say yes,” Bob Levitus reports for The Houston Chronicle.

“But ask that same roomful if they can honestly claim that all of their important files are properly backed up at this very moment, and most will say no. Furthermore, if you ask them why not, they’ll respond: ‘I don’t know how’; ‘It’s too much hassle’; or “‘I don’t have the proper hardware and/or software,'” Levitus reports.

“Apple’s new Time Capsule device is a solution to all of the above,” Levitus reports.

“In nearly a month of constant use, I’m happy to report that Time Capsule has done its thing every hour without fail, and has never given me trouble,” Levitus reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. I do not have a Time capsule, but with the new update to my AirPort Extreme, I set up my wife’s macBook to wireless back up with Time machine with the destination my hard Drive on my iMac! Time machine is neat!

  2. HotInPlaya…

    You’re asking for trouble backing up to the boot drive in your iMac. What happens if IT goes:?

    Ideally, you should get an external drive that’s DEDICATED for Time Machine backups. You could partition it and backup BOTH your iMac and your wife’s MacBook.

    Use a FireWire drive, preferably FireWire 800, not USB 2. USB 2 is best for mice and keyboards NOT sustained reads/writes.

    I got this GREAT LaCie 2big Triple (2-disk RAID) drive for my Time Machine backups. With FireWire 800 I NEVER notice when it backs up, except for the sound of the drive diligently grinding away.


  3. My wife has no idea if her backups are running or not, or if they are any good. Two stories below her and her iMac, I hear the drive start to click and know the backup is happening. AND that it’s “good”. If “something happens” that takes out both the second floor and the basement, I expect we’ll have bigger worries than how to recover her files.
    silverhawk, can’t agree. If only one of them gets to be called “Time Capsule”, it ought to be the hardware. “Machines” do things, “Capsules” just need to ‘contain things’. I’m beginning to think it was a mistake to get the 1/2-TB version … it doesn’t recognize my NAS disk either when attached via Ethernet or USB. Disappointing.

  4. @Mr. Reeee
    could you email me mike@hotinplaya.com
    I backed up my wife’s MacBook, just to try out Time Machine, everything on her macBook important is also on my iMac and backed up to a Lacie 500GB Mini Hub.

    I need more storage and have been looking at LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Drive 1TB, and would like to discuss options

  5. I wish I was having the ease of use with Time Capsule others are reporting. Moving my previous multi-gigabyte backups to it is taking quite a while. NOT being able to migrate my existing time machine archive is also annoying. It’s a great product, I just don’t think the connectivity and software behavior is quite up to Apple’s normal par yet.

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