Martha Stewart posts photos of her new Apple MacBook Air

Martha Stewart blogs for The Martha Blog, “I was so excited when my new MacBook Air arrived the other day. When I opened the box and examined this laptop, I was amazed by how razor thin and how light it is – just .76 of an inch and only 3 pounds. It has a full-size illuminated keyboard, which is terrific for working in a dimly lit car or on an airplane. And I really love the trackpad, which works in much the same way as the Apple iPhone, giving you many more options by simply moving your fingers.”

Martha, perhaps not comprehending that her beautiful new Mac can also slum it with Windows (natively via Boot Camp (included in Mac OS X Leopard) or via fast virtualization from Parallels and VMWare), also writes, “I also use an HP laptop on a regular basis because I like to be well versed on both platforms. Both computers sit side by side on my desk in my kitchen and having them right there together is very convenient for me.”

MacDailyNews Take: Again, it’d be much more convenient to have one Mac on your desk that runs everything. Martha, turn in that poor, ugly, retarded HP (it’s got to have a nasty inferiority complex plopped there right next to a MacBook Air) to the recycler for proper disposal.

Martha continues, “It’s a little difficult to photograph just how thin this MacBook Air is, but you can see for yourself by stopping at an Apple store or checking it out online at The MacBook Air is truly a technological thing of beauty. When it’s not traveling on the road with me, it looks great on my desk…”

See the photos of Martha’s new MacBook Air, along with her dog Sharkey, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jamie” for the heads up.]


  1. That little sissy girly MAC Book Air must pretty stupid and wimpy next to Martha’s HP powerhouse. I wonder at what moment she felt buyer’s remorse for her overpriced MAC after seeing the MAC’s crash-prone underpowered little toy OS next to the mighty Microsoft Windows.

    With all this lady’s supposed good taste why she would even get near a MAC is beyond me.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  2. While Adam Jackson doesn’t quite like Martha, there are millions of people, in the US and overseas, who seem to like her very much (despite here brief residence in the big house). If this is indeed a product placement, Apple did a clever thing, since Martha’s following is quite devoted. If you looked at her blog, you could have seen the gushing comments for this story, many of them vowing to check out the MBA, now that Martha told them about it.

    Oh, and incidentally, MDN, she quickly updated the story with a statement about parallels (something like “I knew about parallels and all that; I like to multi-task, so I have my e-mail and schedule on one, while browsing the web on the other”). Apparently, she isn’t quite ready yet to dump that HP.

    Product placement or not, this will get Apple a lot of additional mileage for the product that is already out of stock at many stores. And to think many here were (and some still are) convinced that MBA would be a flop of the ‘Cube’ magnitude…

  3. From her site:


    Many of you have wrote in that you think I should use Parallels for my new Mac to run Windows as well, I actually DID know about that! I just like having the two computers side by side, sometimes I need to have my email and schedule up on one while browsing the web on the other one. As you can imagine, I multitask all of the time. But thank you for your suggestions!”

    “Have wrote in”?
    Forget Parallels. Try looking up “run-on sentence”.
    Stick to decorating, cooking and insider trading, Martha.

  4. Love her or hate her, she does have a huge fan base. People definitely will check out MBA. She has consistently featured Apple products in her magazine – organizing photos in iPhoto, backing up files for organizing and reducing clutter, all the computers featured on “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart” were Macs and the bulk of her computers in her offices are Macs. Give her a break already!

  5. MSLO has a marketing deal with HP that does not prevent Martha herself from talking about any other PC. My personal experience with Martha is that she has an average knowledge of both Mac and Windows although I’ve heard her say she’s a Mac user in casual conversation.

  6. @Ampar

    I have a 64 GB MBA with Leopard, and most applications that I would need on the road. I have 18 GB free after some serious pruning including using Monolingual. My XP partition with Fusion is only 10 GB. I am getting my IT people to pare it down to 5 GB.

    If you are careful, 64 GB is enough. Even for a power user.

  7. @ Missy Pants

    She’s not a ‘expert on style and design’, she’s the queen of mickey-mousing and jimmy-rigging old junk lying around your house into new junk that looks slightly better through the use of hot glue and pinking shears. Personally, when it comes to interior decorating, I don’t trust heterosexuals.

  8. That little sissy girly HP must pretty stupid and wimpy next to Martha’s MacBook Air powerhouse. I wonder at what moment she felt buyer’s remorse for her overpriced PC after seeing the PC’s crash-prone underpowered little toy OS next to the mighty LEOPARD OS.

    With all this lady’s supposed good taste why she would even get near a PC is beyond me.

    Your potential. Our Blunder.™

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