Apple uses iTunes for Windows to recommend Safari downloads

“In an apparent bid to rapidly gain share of the online browser market dominated by rival Microsoft, Apple is leveraging its vast iTunes install base to recommend that Windows users also download and install the latest version of its Safari web browser,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“To date, Apple has sold over 100 million iPods, the majority of which have gone to Windows users who subsequently must install the company’s iTunes software for synching files between their PCs and the digital media players. As part of iTunes, Apple also installs its Software Update mechanism on the Windows-based machines to notify users of iTunes updates, in addition to updates to its QuickTime media software required for several iTunes functions,” Marsal reports.

“It now appears that the Cupertino-based company aspires to use the advantage presented by the Software Update mechanism to muscle its way further up the browser charts at the expense Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and other third-party Windows browsers,” Marsal reports.

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Apple Safari Web browser for Windows:

Direct link via YouTube:

It’s about damned time Apple leveraged those iTunes for Windows installs to help spread the word. There also ought to be a big permanent link to the “Move to Mac” and related videos right in the middle of iTunes’ home page.


  1. There ought to be a big permanent link to the “Move to Mac” and related videos right in the middle of iTunes’ home page.

    Maybe. But please make it smart enough to disappear if you are already using a Mac.

    No need to annoy the long-term faithful and the newly converted.

  2. “She wanted to uninstall IE, but there is no way to really uninstall it.”

    There is an easy way. It’s called a dumpster. (Or eBay.)

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  3. To Jim – TIV:

    “Announcing the iPhone Enterprise Beta Program: a unique opportunity for IT departments to try iPhone 2.0 software before general release. If your company is selected to participate, you’ll test new iPhone enterprise features within your corporate environment, then provide Apple with valuable feedback. Interested? Click below to apply.”

    NICE ! ! (And thanks for the link.)

  4. It will likely be a while before another SP leaves Redmond … XP is on SP3(?) while OSX is on .5 – in about the same time frame. Vista is on SP1 while the much newer 10.5 is on .2 … not what MS specializes in. Should a new SP (or two) be issued, say … by summer, that kills iTunes and Safari, you can guess that a) not many Windows users will adopt it and b) Apple will sue.
    a) because that’s what non-Enterprise sheep do
    b) because that’s what Apple does.
    You cannot “uninstall” IE from a Windows system, but you can certainly banish the icon from your desktop.
    Yes, to what various have said about “modest” Apple-related “ads” in iTunes for Windows. Maybe even sell some space to Firefox and/or ThunderBird. Piss MS off something fierce!

  5. Excuse me?
    I know we’re all Apple fans here but can we please wake up for moment? Why does Apple think it needs to “leverage” ANYTHING? When they were the underdog did Steve focus on marketshare or did he instead focus on building great, outstanding products…..period?!
    As of right now as far as browsers are concerned Apple is playing a “me too” with safari. Yes, its a very good browser…but thats it. Its not excelling beyond the industry standard. Which is NOT internet explorer by the way. Internet Explorer is the walking dead…who the hell cares about internet explorer? Yes it has the market lead but thats old news….IT HAS NO FUTURE!
    Apple instead should be focusing on the browser which holds the lead as the industry standard in terms of tech.
    And that is FireFox!!

  6. Before you flame me, know that I’ve been using Apple products since Apple IIe. So I’m not an Apple hater. But isn’t this kind of a double standard? Mac users often criticize Micro$oft for compelling people to use Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, etc. What Apple has done here isn’t much better! I’m confident that a high percentage of Windows users will allow Apple Software Update to install Safari without even thinking twice (or even once). Now, I haven’t downloaded Safari for Windows using Apple Software Update. So, I don’t know what happens once Safari is installed. But I would assume that there’s some sort of message asking users if they want to switch from IE to Safari. I downloaded iTunes/QuickTime from Apple — not Safari. So, it’s incorrect to call Safari an “update”. I wouldn’t mind Apple advertising Safari in iTunes. But adding it to Apple Software Update is a “dirty trick” as far as I’m concerned.

    I’ve disabled the Safari update in Apple Software Update by going Tools => Ignore Selected Updates.

  7. A friend of mine updated iTunes and saw the msg for Safari. He thought it was a mistake because he didn’t think Safari was available but he clicked and there it was.

    He updated and he’s been raving about Safari. How it is superfast and how the graphics look brighter. He was dumfounded. And he’s not ignorant of tech stuff either, he uses Firefox and keeps away from IE unless he needs to deal with it (he’s in IT)

    Needless to say he’s talking Mac when he’s ready to upgrade his computer.

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