Sony Ericsson warns of falling phone sales

“Sony Ericsson, the world’s fourth largest mobile phone manufacturer, on Wednesday issued a profit warning because of a shortfall in sales in the company’s core European markets,” Andrew Parker reports for The Financial TImes.

“The warning suggests the global economic downturn is starting to bite in the telecoms industry,” Parker reports. “The company hinted that European consumers were buying fewer new mobiles to replace their existing handsets than previously anticipated.”

“Sony Ericsson said its revenue and net income in the first quarter of 2008 would be negatively impacted by slowing sales growth relating to its mid to high end priced mobiles,” Parker reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Occasional Poster” for the heads up.]


  1. “The warning suggests the global economic downturn is starting to bite in the telecoms industry,”

    By that logic, the iPhone will not have high sales figures, either.
    What will they blame when the economy picks up?

  2. i have a sony erricson , it’s utter crap

    impossible to use , crappy camera and the battery lasts 4 minutes at best

    my sister’s boyfriend has an iphone it wipes the floor with my piece of junk – i am VERY jealous ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    head to head there’s NO contest

    roll on 3g no contract models , you can’t come soon enough !!!

  3. love my SE phone. amazing battery life even given the fact that bluetooth is always on and I use Bluephone Elite. Great 3.1 mp camera.

    yeah, the iPhone is really nice, but I’m not willing to go to AT&T;and the fact that it seems unlocked ones get bricked with each new released of the iPhone OS, I’ll stick with my unlocked SE.

  4. Des Gusting:

    There’s an ‘s’ and a comma missing from the headline. It should read “Sony Ericsson warns of falling Phones, Sales”

    A large number of Sony phones have been falling off of roofs or window sills. The gravitationally ensnared phones are striking Sony’s customer base in the head, rendering them unconscious.

    Sony’s sales will recover once its customers wake up…er… uh-oh!

  5. Is MDN now DailyTelecom News? What does this have to do with Apple or the iPhone?

    The story relates to global market downtrends, and is for the mobile telecom market in line with similar statements from Texas Instruments (as the article explains).

    As far as Europe is concerned, iPhone has just started out in a limited number of countries and has not yet gained any significent ground. Also, SE is more geared to the low and mid-end market, and is not really in the iPhone line of fire.

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