Analyst Wu predicts 3G Apple TV with DVR, Blu-ray

“Apple may incorporate the technology from its digital video recording patent filing into the Apple TV as early as the media hub’s third generation, according to a new investment note by Shaw Wu of American Technology Research,” Electronista reports.

“The analyst believes that the live capture functionality and iPhone/iPod remote control functionality could be used either in the third or fourth generation of the product to turn the device into a ‘real business’ as opposed to the ‘hobby’ it has represented for the California firm so far,” Electronista reports.

“The researcher nonetheless cautions that patent filings do not automatically translate to shipping products,” Electronista reports.

More in the full article here.


  1. I’ve got a dumb question . . .

    Can USB 2.0 transmit the data required for Blu-Ray fast enough for it to work flawlessly? I would expect that it can, but I guess I haven’t seen (or looked for) any Blu-Ray USB drives. Maybe they do exist . . .

    One thing Apple needs to avoid is releasing a completely different version of Apple TV. Part of the experience of this product should be that you can buy it and not have it become obsolete in a year because of software updates.

    That’s one of the things that sets it apart from other consumer electronic devices.

  2. Don’t hold your breath for Blu-Ray in AppleTV, not unless the price of Blu-Ray drives comes down dramatically. It’s not like AppleTV even has a drive in it now.

    Perhaps there would be a high-end version of AppleTV, but Blu-Ray itself costs more than AppleTV does in its entirety.

  3. THAT would be a KILLER box!

    MidWest Mac…
    That’s NOT a stupid question, it’s questionable if USB 2 can RELIABLY stream Blu-Ray video. It’s really designed for keyboards and mice, NOT large file transfers.

    Hey Apple, add FireWire to TV!

  4. This isn’t going to happen, so don’t get your hopes up. Including a DVR in the Apple TV would kill iTunes sales, so it makes absolutely no sense for Apple to ever do it. Wu is talking out his ass on this one.

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