Get ready for two-decades of mobile domination by Apple

“What we saw [yesterday] was the spark. The explosion will continue for twenty years. We will all feel the warmth,” Jason Fried writes for 37signals.

“What we saw today was the beginning of two-decades of mobile domination by Apple. What Microsoft and Windows was to the desktop, Apple and Touch will be to mobile,” Fried writes.

“Just like there were a lot of players in the portable music space, there were no clear leaders. Until Apple came to town,” Fried writes.

“Apple has the superior product, the big momentum, the cool, the lust, the business hooks, the consumer hooks, the customer experience, the interface, the design (interface and industrial), the smooth development environment, the vision,” Fried writes.

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone, bitch!

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  1. And when in 3 to 5 years iPhone morphs into a desktop replacement system, that 20 years mobile domination will extend to desktops as well.

    It is not too hard to imagine an iPhone with 100 GB + storage, with processing power equivalent to today’s MacBook Air being docked at home and in the office to 24″ LCD display, keyboard and mouse, switching from phone interface to full Mac OS GUI when docked.

  2. I bought my iPhone an hour after they went on sale last June. It was very hard waiting those 5 months between announcement and release, but well worth it. In the time since the release, it’s also been a hard wait for new features to be added, and it will no doubt be a VERY hard wait for this SDK business to really take hold. But a year from now, I believe that Apple will be praised endlessly for bringing this all along slowly. Only recently, since Jobs’ comments about intentionally starting slow to help with the learning curve, have I realized the wisdom of that method. I’ve read in a few places that Jobs was speaking about the CONSUMER’S learning curve, but I think he was talking about APPLE’S learning curve. Imagine the problems that would have sprung up if iPhone had been released on multiple carriers worldwide, selling for $299? If would have been a nightmare. Sure, they would have raked in the cash, but Apple’s “it just works” reputation would have suffered a huge blow. Yesterday, we all saw the picture more clearly. I believe Apple has handled all of this the best way possible. By the end of June, they will have had a year of mobile experience under their belt, and I’m sure they’ve learned a lot. You’ve all heard the quote by Jon Landau about rock and roll future. Well, yesterday, we saw mobile computing future, and it’s name is iPhone….

  3. The beauty is that when iPhones morph into laptops and the desktop environment or vice-versa, since they’re running the same OS then integration and development will be so much easier. I just can’t see how any of the mobile companies can really combat this. Sure they’ll stay ahead for a good while yet purely based on their lead, but they have nothing new to offer, certainly nothing Apple couldn’t easily add if needed.

  4. My jet-black AudioVox cell phone has an easy-to-read monochrome display, a super-cool pull-out mini-antenna, and a replaceable battery module that simply clips into place. Its genuine leather holster, found in a bargain bin at a hardware store, cost only $1.

    No contest.

  5. @Nonregistrant

    You’re so right! Who needs a new-fangled computer/phone when an abacus, a piece of paper and a lump of charcoal, and a really hungry carrier pigeon will do exactly the same thing?

    You’re what the past, present, and future are all about, and I applaud you. (Must get back to flossing with reeds snatched from the local watering hole now.)

  6. Once again putting the cart miles before the hourse. A lot of corp IT department are not going to allow the iPhone including mine which is a Fortune 100 company and my wifes which is a Fortune 500 company. Also people like Blackberries better then the iPhone for corp use because of the keyboards.

  7. If I want to use an iPhone, I’ll use it.

    I don’t give two hoots in Hell if corp IT likes or not.

    It’s mine, I bought it. Same with my Macs.

    Other people can use two Dixie cups and strings or slate chalk boards for all I care.

    That’s about all most Windows IT people are good for anyway.

  8. @ rich apple person – yup. you are correct sir. iPhone is the absolute BEST mobile platform and it will do extremely well BUT there are many who are simply touchscreen phobic who need tactile keys. bottom line: CHOICE is great. and both Blackberry and iPhone offer compelling value/end user experience.

  9. @ piratZafryki & Ampar,

    “It is not too hard to imagine an iPhone with 100 GB + storage” Agreed.

    “being docked at home and in the office to 24″ LCD display, keyboard and mouse, switching from phone interface to full Mac OS GUI when docked.”

    I’ve even heard a story that it won’t have to be physically docked.

    The guy from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers during the keynote
    said something about the iPhone that gives a clue.
    “It knows who you are & where you are”.
    Think Home & Office.

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