iPhone 2.0: Apple turns both the PC and mobile communications industries upside-down

“By the time Apple officially releases the OS X 2.0 update in June, there will be no doubt that the iPhone will have turned both the personal computing and mobile communications industries on their head in just one year,” Tom Krazit writes for CNET.

“What Apple has done… is put together the most complete and compelling combination of those features and wrapped it with a breakthrough in user interface design,” Krazit writes. “The enterprise-friendly features and roadmap for third-party applications unveiled Thursday at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters bring Apple two steps closer to that point. And when the final piece–the 3G iPhone–arrives at some point in the upcoming future, Apple will have developed the first truly mobile computer.”

Krazit writes. “At least, for now. Will all mobile developers find it as easy to build iPhone applications as the five developers highlighted during Thursday’s event?”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes. This isn’t Windows, Tom, it’s a Mac.

Krazit continues, “Does the addition of push e-mail make the iPhone more attractive than the BlackBerry?”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes. BlackBerry is already way behind and most of their perceived “advantages” disappear in June. Barring a major design regression by Apple with their next iPhone model (educated guess: with 3G, coming in June with the release of iPhone software 2.0), BlackBerry will only retain the “advantages” of appealing to Luddites who like tiny plastic buttons festooned all over their devices whether they’re using them or not and being at the whim of a single Canadian NOC (Network Operations Center). (Related article: Massive Blackberry outage affects all of North America; iPhone users unaffected – February 11, 2008). Appealing to Luddites is not a recipe for long-term high tech success.

Krazit continues, “And how soon will it be before the rest of the world figures out Apple’s secret: it’s the software, stupid?”

MacDailyNews Take: Probably right after the “iPod killers” figure it out, Tom. As in, never. Unless and until a company comes along that, like Apple, can do it all — world class OS, software, and hardware design — they’ll never figure it out well enough to do anything but distantly follow Apple’s lead.

Krazit continues, “The answers to those questions will dictate the second chapter of the iPhone.”

MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve been saying since the day the iPhone was unveiled, Apple has changed the world, again.

Think about it. In your pocket, you have something that’s broadband and connected all the time. It’s personal. It knows who you are and where you are. That’s a big deal. A really big deal. It’s bigger than the personal computer. – KPCB Venture capitalist John Doerr, March 6, 2008

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  1. With iPhone 3G I plan to make the jump back to the demonic AT&T;Wireless, leaving behind the devilish Sprint.

    Does anyone know of a way to use the iPhone as a modem laptop?

  2. I’m interested in seeing what else 2.0 has. Is the jump from 1.x to 2.0 the same as Mac OSX 10.5.x to the next or is it somewhere between 10.x and 10.x+1? How does it compare to Mac OS updates? What else are we gonna get?

  3. Forget the eeepc, it’s eeeeek…..

    someone is going to invent a case that transforms into a keyboard, and a stand for the iPhone/iPod touch.

    Then it’s all over for the tiny computers

  4. “Krazit continues, “And how soon will it be before the rest of the world figures out Apple’s secret:”

    Well, its clear that krazit still cannot figure it out, even now. So the rest of the PC stuck world will still take a few years, I am sure.


  5. @ opie

    Empty words? Has been operating system?

    You pretentious MAC lemmings think you’re so superior with your toy computers and one-button phones. Clearly the I-Phone was a dud until Apple cowered to the demands of the enterprise.

    Revolutionary Microsoft Windows Mobile has a 10-year start on the I-Phone, there is more variety and the devices cost less. Gloat all you want smug MAC tards, but Apple has a lot of work to do to catch up in both innovation and smartphone market share.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  6. Apple’s blurb today sledge-hammers the last nail in the mass-grave coffin of ALL OTHERS INVOLVED IN ANY WAY WITH CONSUMER ELECTRONICS.

    In the blur of related says, Jobs says cells outsell pods a zillion to one?  THE most sold electro item?

    Already barn-storming consumer/Pro entertainment AND education AND science sectors, only enterprise remains, the remaining consumers will follow.

    Macs made me want EVERYTHING else Apple came out with, whether I needed it or not.  I just wanted to be surrounded by elite ‘luxuries’ with that logo on them.

    The reverse circle has now been revolved.

    iPhones will, enterprise-wise, NECESSITATE Power Mac, MacBook/Air/Pro, iMac/mini, Cinema Display, Xserve/san, Apple Remote Desktop and AirPort Express buys.

    iPhones will, consumer-wise, mesmerize at least MacBook/Air/Pro, iMac/mini, Cinema Display buys.  AND Apple TV.  AND Time Capsules.  A-N-D…iTunes.

    Is there any segment of consumer electronics missing?  Not relevantly.

    iPhone price will tail-spin downwards, which may suffer iPods which enabled much of this global tsunami chic/savvy.

    But, iPod price will also dip-to-drop; a loss-leader for the otherwise timid uninformed for apple-diction allure.

  7. “being at the whim of a single Canadian NOC”

    Why does everyone have to emphasize that it’s Canadian? Is it somehow worse because you’re at the whim of a Canadian NOC as opposed to an American one? Are we Canadians really that threatening?

  8. I think that Zune Tang® should live in the now. Your passion for a system that is so 90’s is incredible. Of course there will always be dinosaurs who refuse to change but they eventually die off because they don’t reproduce and they also wallow in the past. Where is the passion for innovation? Windows is like toast. Crusty on the outside and crumbles easily. Look how long it took for you to bite Zuney! Look at the name you choose to call yourself. A failure in and of itself.

    Mighty Zune the iPod killer…….yeah right!

  9. @zune tang

    In closing I use your quote to show you as perhaps coming around a little with a long way to go.
    “Clearly the I-Phone was a dud until Apple”

    At least you admit it is not a dud. Now for you to begin to understand that Apple is not in the business of cowering but taking over is another thing!

  10. Jacob: Why does everyone have to emphasize that it’s Canadian? Is it somehow worse because you’re at the whim of a Canadian NOC as opposed to an American one? Are we Canadians really that threatening?

    It’s not the Canadian part that is worrisome, but rather sending sensitive data to a center in a foreign country. The same will be emphasized if the center is in India or even the US (though the complainers’ll be non-Americans).

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