RUMOR: Apple prepping Mac OS X 10.4.12 release

“We have it on good authority (meaning this is a rumor, and ‘good authority’ could mean anything) that Apple is ready to drop its final update to yesterday’s OS, aka ‘Tiger,'” Macenstein reports.

“That’s right. 10.4.12 is allegedly ready to roll, and will spring forth in the next couple weeks or so,” Macenstein reports.

Full article here.


  1. I’m still running Tiger on my iBook and my son has it on his PowerMacs, so … this is Good News. Though … I haven’t seen any problems with the current version. Maybe they just want to remind everyone that each number runs from “0” to whatever they choose to let it run to … nine or ten is not the “limit”.

  2. I own an original 700 Mhz G4 eMac which, of course, does not meet the minimum spec of 867 Mhz for running Mac OS 10.5. Yet, I heard somewhere that someone installed Leopard on old original iMac (one of the fruit colored ones) and it was running fine. True? Can I install Leopard on my old, yet reliable eMac?

  3. I’m skipping 10.4.11 so this’s good news. Will get 10.5.5 with a newest badass tower depending on the Adobe cycle. If it weren’t for the latter I’d have spots instead of stripes (sigh).

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