IT Enquirer reviews Filemaker’s Bento personal database: attractive UI, strong Leopard integration

Personal database that organizes your busy life“Developed specifically for Leopard users, Bento is a showcase of what a FileMaker database should look like. Most FileMaker solutions developed by third parties look like they’ve been designed in the early seventies, but Bento shows the world you can be different. Bento looks great, and it is pretty scalable,” Erik Vlietinck reports for IT Enquirer.

“Even when it was still in beta, Bento managed to get people’s heads turning. It also created high expectations. Bento has themes, customisable looks, records and fields, and the ability to create related records. It integrates with Leopard’s Address Book and iCal. It can be home to basic project management or inventory management,” Vlietinck reports.

The real strength of Bento, Vlietinck reports, is that “it does a lot of things well enough to be attractive and it plays very nice with Leopard –in ways most other applications can only dream of. And so, I consider Bento to be attractive as a database solution that does a lot of things centralised, just good enough to be useful, with a very nice level of integration with Leopard, and with a nice interface. Bento has only just been released, so you can expect updates and upgrades that will add power to the feature set.”

Full review here.


  1. 1st! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> I’ve had Bento for a few weeks now. I’ve made a simple database for my clients… nice and simple, all I need really.

  2. I have been using bento since it was released in beta… I love it. Totally helped me get a handle on all my freelance work. i recommend it to anyone looking for a simple database app.

  3. Been using from the first public beta and I love it.
    I’ve put all my Video and audio projects into Bento and even set-up to do my billing.
    I’m using Bento to build a Back-up archive of all my iTunes files (Music, Movies, TV, Music Videos).

  4. I downloaded their demo and loved everything except for the fact that you cannot print address labels if the records are not also in your Address Book app. A deal-killer for me.

    Granted, this is a first version and a great first effort. I’m sure they will make enhancements in the future. They will have one more sale as soon as they add that one feature.

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