ChangeWave survey shows Apple iPhone making business inroads; RIM, Palm drop in satisfaction ratings

“As part of a February 11-15 corporate survey, ChangeWave asked respondents involved with IT spending decisions who the manufacturer was of the smart phones their company currently provides,” Jim Woods and Paul Carton report for ChangeWave. “Nearly three-in-four respondents (73%) cited Research In Motion as the manufacturer of their company’s smart phone.”

“While Apple (AAPL) still has a relatively small share of the corporate smart phone market (5%), the company’s iPhone continues to grab sky-high satisfaction ratings. Nearly three-in-five (59%) of Apple’s business customers say their company is Very Satisfied with the iPhone,” Woods and Paul Carton report.

Woods and Paul Carton report, “RIM ranks second with a Very Satisfied rating of 47%, though we note this represents an unusually large 8-pt decline from the previous survey.”

MacDailyNews Take: The more people see their friends’ and the people with whom they are doing business’ iPhone, the further RIM’s user satisfaction will decline. People were “very satisfied” with taking 6 day to cross the Atlantic by ship until they found out they could do it by plane in 6 hours.

Woods and Paul Carton report, “Palm receives its lowest corporate satisfaction rating in a ChangeWave survey yet, with only 10% of corporate users saying their company is Very Satisfied with the Treo.”

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone. PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.Palm CEO Ed Colligan, commenting on then-rumored Apple iPhone, Nov. 16, 2006

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  1. It’s true, other phones–even if they do somethings better, like push email from RIM — simply suffer by comparison with the iPhone’s over feature set and ease of use. I’ve had at least two business owner friends buy iPhone’s since seeing mine.

  2. Sailing ships, Steam Lines, Propeller Plans, Jet Planes, Super Sonic Jet Planes.

    I miss British Airway Concorde Service..

    Good Think smart phones aren’t Energy using beasts.

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  3. The phone has push mail capabilities. It’s just a matter of setting things up that way from the software end (both sides). Doesn’t the iPhone support Yahoo push mail?

    Speaking of iPhones, I can’t wait to ditch my Palm 755p for an iPhone. The Palm is pretty good hardware, but they’ve long ago ditched any support for Mac users. They haven’t upgraded their software since the last Ice Age, and their support for Microsoft Office for Mac 2004 was only possible using a Microsoft conduit. After my upgrade to Office for Mac 2008, there is no longer a way to sync Entourage (or Apple’s Contacts/Mail, for that matter) with the Palm. Palm doesn’t offer any workarounds, nor do Microsoft or Apple. You’d think, if you were Palm, you’d create a solution to keep long time users like me happy. In fact, their website is completely silent on this issue! I’m sorry to say this to Palm, but it’s true: you’ve lost my business.

  4. It is sad really. Palm. They are stuck in the 90s. They basically dropped their Graffiti writing system that the original Palms had. If they had developed it, perhaps they would have come up with something like an iPhone.
    I loved my Palm V. I still have it. Don’t use it, but I’m keeping it. It is slick. Something that people would think Apple would make. I think they peaked with the Palm V. They really needed to make a Treo in the form factor of a Palm V. Or at least the casing of a Palm V. The cheap plastic that the Treos are made of suck.

  5. You know, ex Palm CEO Ed Colligan was right. Apple knew nothing about phones.

    However, they sure knew a hell of a lot about miniaturizing a computer with a well designed form factor and and making a great OS and user interface.

    Apple vetted third party apps made following a clean SKD, using consistent interface rules and doing something other than translating Klingon to Vulcan will just be icing on the cake.

  6. I was at the Obama rally in Columbus, Ohio on 2/27/08 and the guy sitting two seats to my right had his iPhone out killing time while we all waited for Barack to arrive. I asked him what was his favorite thing about his phone and he said “Having full-blown Internet, and second would be Visual Voicemail.”

    I saw a black guy with one later waiting to see if he could get a picture of Barack on his way out.

    This is a phenomenon, people! The stock price being so low right now doesn’t reflect the fact that it’s only in four countries (officially), ours included. The SDK isn’t even out, third party apps haven’t been written, and enterprise support is barely there.

    By the by, who else saw the ABC News piece last night from Obama national campaign headquarters with all the kids in there using Macs? That’s reason enough to vote for him right there; the prospect of having a President of the U.S. using a Mac.

    I knew there was a reason I liked that guy!

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  7. The fact that I am willing to (and will) pay $400 to Sprint to get out of a 2 phone contract to move from Palm to ATT for an iPhone says a lot about the state of Palm, and the marvel of the iPhone. I will miss the Documents to Go application that allowed me to create and edit Word & Excel documents on the device. Hopefully, a similar application will become available soon on the iPhone after the SDK is released. As I understand it, the iPhone does not support the creation and modification of documents except through the note pad and contacts. One day soon, I hope.

  8. I’m really looking forward to the SDK release. I’d like a Bento-like db app for home inventory, a camera-based barcode reader a la Delicious Library, and a pony. Oh, and a cap gun. And a Marathon bar.

  9. “That’s reason enough to vote for him right there; the prospect of having a President of the U.S. using a Mac.”

    G.W. Bush uses a Mac. The world must seem like a very scary, confusing place where things don’t all fit neatly into boxes. You may not be ready to grow up just yet…

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