RUMOR: iPhone, iPod touch SDK: Apple to approve, distribute apps, limit add-ons

“According to several sources familiar with Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch software development kit (SDK) plans, the company will use a March 6 event in Cupertino, California to formally announce a number of potentially controversial limitations on application development and publishing. Our sources spoke on the condition that their comments were not for attribution, independently confirming the following details, and offering differing opinions of their importance,” Jeremy Horwitz reports for iLounge. “We include both the details and opinions below for your reference.”

• Apple iTunes Store as exclusive software distributor
• Apps require Apple stamp of approval
• No accessory connectivity directly with iPhone, iPod touch Dock Connector

Horowitz writes, “Sources told iLounge that the collective impact of Apple’s decisions will be to control and stifle third-party development at a critical juncture in iPhone and iPod history, limiting what could be an open, thriving Mac-like collection of applications and accessories to a smaller, more stagnant iPod-like controlled environment. Consequently, a source suggests, developers who “jailbrake” iPhones and iPods to develop applications will be at an advantage relative to those who use Apple’s official tools. Even after extensive discussions on the subject, however, iLounge remains open-minded to the idea that Apple’s plans will result in net positives for the iPod and iPhone community, and optimistic that the company will loosen its planned restrictions to accommodate the Apple community’s demonstrated, impressive creativity.”

Horowitz reports, “According to our sources, Apple will use the March 6 event to tout the benefits of the SDK to selected media, analysts, and developers, releasing an incomplete, ‘beta’ version of the kit that was originally promised for February.”

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  1. I understand Apple being cautious in regard to third party apps. This product is still in launch mode (only available in 4 countries, remember), is EXTREMELY high profile, and certain parties are certainly hoping for its failure. Every little snafu has meant monumental negative publicity, so just imagine what might happen if an application truly screws up phones.

    I hope Apple will eventually open the platform for free applications (or nearly free – just charging developers a nominal fee to cover the cost of authorizing applications).

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