Mouseposé 3 released

Mouseposé is a Mac OS X tool for presentations, training or demos and those individuals with huge and high resolution displays. If turned on, it dims the screen and puts a spotlight on the area around the mouse pointer, easily guiding the audiences attention to an area of interest and helping to quickly locate the mouse pointer.

Mouseposé 3 now offers the following improvements:

• The audience now not only sees the mouse clicks but also hears them: Mouseposé does a good job at visualising mouse keys so that the audience can see what the speaker is doing. Mouseposé 3 now also makes a sound when a mouse button is pressed, so that the audience also hears what’s going on. This leads to a much richer experience. In addition to that, Mouseposé 3 also has a nicer click animation and the user can choose a different color for the right mouse key.

• The window beneath the cursor is highlighted when the mouse hovers over it: Mouseposé is very useful for narrowing down the focus of the audience on a very specific detail. But often the detail is in the context of a window, so Mouseposé 3 can now automatically expand the focus to include the window when the mouse is hovering over it for a certain time. This way, the audience is also aware of the larger context.

• The Family License allows the use of Mouseposé on up to 5 computers owned by the same household: Many people wanted to purchase a license that would allow them to use Mouseposé on their desktop and notebook computers simultaneously. With the Family License, a user can install Mouseposé 3 on up to 5 computers in the private household.

Mouseposé 3 is now available for download from Built-in assistants guide the user through the process of obtaining a valid license key. The update from Mouseposé 2 is free of charge. New single user licenses are available for US$16.95. The Family License, allowing the use on up to 5 computers in a private household, is available for $29.95. Upgrades from a single user license to a Family License are available for $13.


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