Analyst Wu: iPhone to gain improved Exchange, Lotus Notes support at March 6th event

“In a note to investors on Thursday, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu cited ‘industry and developer sources’ who say the Cupertino-based firm will use a portion of its media presentation next Thursday to announce improvements to the touch-screen handset’s ability to work with Microsoft’s Exchange server and IBM’s Lotus Notes software,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“‘If true (which we believe is), this will prove key in having more enterprises and SMB adopt iPhone as their mobile platform,’ the analyst wrote. ‘What isn’t as clear to us is how Apple will accomplish this, whether this is from internal development (most likely), third-parties including Microsoft (next likely) with its ActiveSync technology, or Research in Motion Blackberry Connect (possible but less likely), or a combination of two or more,'” Lane reports.

More info in the full article here.


  1. March 6th event will get a lot of people surprised:

    This is the beginning of a new age of computing: The portable platform age. And Apple is set to dominate.

    Google, EA, IBM and even MS enterprise software will run on iPhone and iPod Touch. SDK, whether Beta or not, will drop with all these… and will pave the way to the ultimate weapon: The multi-touch iTablet, with functionalities beyond iPhone.

  2. Exchange is big, no matter what many people think of MS. It is used in enterprises that want better controls on email, and lots use it. I expect several sample iPhone apps to be demo’d on 3/6, even if the SDK isn’t ready for general release.

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