Apple’s Time Capsule now shipping

Apple Online StoreApple’s Time Capsule, the wireless hard drive you can use to back up multiple Macs using Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard, has begun shipping.

“Notifications of the shipments began reaching customers that pre-ordered the device early this morning,” reports Jim Dalrymple for Macworld.

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  1. This may be a great add on but It’s a total CROC that Apple still hasn’t added compatibility with regular external drives. Those of us with a new base station no have to buy time capsule in order to wirelessly back up?

    I hope this isn’t apples way of just making money and forcing us to buy more products that we really don’t need when they do have the ability to make this function work with normal ExT Drives.

    We have the base stations, the drives, just give us a software/firmware update to Time Machine & the Base stations to make this work already ….!!!!!!

  2. I still want to know can i put all my tv shows and movies on time capsul then acess them from my apple tv? If so this would be great no need to stream from a computer and no need for the sink time to the apple tv.

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