Apple releases iPhone, iPod touch 1.1.4 updates

Apple today released iPhone software update 1.1.4 update and iPod touch software update 1.1.4 which includes bug fixes and supersedes all previous versions.

The updates are available via iTunes.


  1. Just updated mine. When it restarted after install it had no connection to ATT.

    I shut it off and rebooted with it plugged in to MacBook. Did the trick after it started it said iPhone Activated.

    Just thought I would share in case anyone else has the issue.


  2. Hey MAC lemmings, another day, another round of bug fixes for your crappy I-Phone. That thing has more bugs than a pile of shit. How’s that one button working? How long do you have to wait for Apple to make a two-button phone? My money is on never. They still haven’t figured out how to make a two-button mouse for their MACs.

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