Microsoft pulls plug on Xbox HD DVD players

“Microsoft said it will stop making HD DVD players for its Xbox 360 video game system after Toshiba ceded the high-definition video format battle to Sony’s Blu-ray,” The Associated Press reports.

“Microsoft said Saturday it would continue to provide standard warranty support for its HD DVD players,” AP reports. “Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida last week estimated about 300,000 people own the Microsoft video player, sold as a separate US$130 add-on for the Xbox 360.”

“Microsoft was one of HD DVD’s main backers, along with Intel and Japanese electronics maker NEC, and its support for the format was seen as a big win for Toshiba’s format,” AP reports. “But support for the HD DVD waned as major movie studios — Sony Pictures, Walt Disney, News Corp.’s Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. Entertainment — picked Blu-ray to distribute high-def DVDs. Wal-Mart Stores struck what seemed to be the final blow just over a week ago when it said it would only sell Blu-ray players and discs.”

“The Redmond, Wash.-based software maker said the decision to stop selling HD DVD players won’t have a material impact on its video game business,” AP reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JadisOne” for the heads up.]

So, supposedly, HD DVD’s death won’t hurt Microsoft, but what about your customers who’re stuck with obsolete HD disc players? Oh, right, they’re screwed again; par for the course! “300,000 suckers at $130 a pop! Next, we’ll sell ’em Blu-ray replacements!” – that’s sure to generate some more laughs over cocktails during executive lunches up in Redmond.


  1. If Microsoft were smart *cough!* they would offer their customers an exchange or exchange credit for swapping out their $130 HD DVD drives for Blu-Ray drives. You know that would mean they would be actually taking care of their customers. Studios should also offer to exchange HD DVD discs for Blu-Ray discs. I know some people would be willing to pay a small surcharge to send in their old discs to get them replaced with the new format. I don’t know how the logistics of something like that would work out, but I think it’d be the right thing to do.

    But then again, the temperature in hell hasn’t cooled off yet, has it?

  2. “So, supposedly, HD DVD’s death won’t hurt Microsoft, but what about your customers who’re stuck with obsolete HD disc players?”

    It will happen the same to them as Mac owners in the 1990’s… or Betamax ones in the 1980’s… They’ve lost their money, but will survive. Still better than losing ones’ house, wife or even life. Get over it MDN, this is just pieces of hardware.

  3. Speaking of letting customers exchange HD DVD players…

    Insanely Great: Japanese Electronic Store Letting Customers Trade HD DVD Players for Blu-ray

    “The Japanese electronics retailer Edion is deeply ashamed it sold its customers HD DVD gear. So ashamed they that they’re allowing buyers to swap in Toshiba HD DVD boxes for Blu-ray players. A little more investigation reveals that the trade must occur during March, and consumers only need pay the price difference.”

    From Gizmodo

  4. There was nothing wrong with HD-DVD….However since no movie studio is going to release movies on it Blu-Ray and Downloads are the next place to get your HD video content.

    Hopefully Microsoft will release a low cost external Blu-Ray drive. Thats the only way ill buy into the next generation of optical HD content. I already have an apple TV and VOD with crap cast, im not gonna drop 400 on a new player.

  5. Everybody is portraying HD DVD as the new Betamx, but the situation for customers is actually worse. At least with Betamax it was a recorder so it still had a useful purpose as a machine, and they didn’t stop selling them in Japan until about 2003. With the HD- you have yourself a bit of brick, a 1000 quid DVD player yipee! not a great deal when you can get the same function for 50 quid.

  6. Since MDN has not mentioned it, I will ask here (pardon my change of subject):

    Did anyone see Jon on the Oscars? I hear that in coming back from a commercial, he was watching a movie and commented that you should see it in full screen, where upon he showed that it was an iPhone and flipped the screen to full screen display.

    Anyone see it live?? Anyone have a copy?


  7. Not nearly as distressing as all the OBAMA BIN LADIN banners all over this web site! It’s sickening! Ya think MDN supports the bleeding heart ultra-liberal? Microsoft needs to integrate a Bluray drive internally into the Xbox. Peripherals suck!

  8. Sad part is that the majority of the 300,000 morons that bought those obsolete things paid $179, not $129 for them. Oh well, it’s just another costly lesson not to buy into one of Microsoft’s many failed endeavors.

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