InUse usability report: Apple iPhone does live up to the hype!

InUse is offering a free Apple iPhone usability report online (pdf) which asks “Does the iPhone live up to its hype?”

InUse pitted Apple’s iPhone running Apple’s OS X against:
• HTC TyTN – Windows Mobile 6
• Sony Ericsson W910i – Linux
• Nokia N95 – Symbian S60

Five people with different usage patterns when it comes to mobile phones were invited to perform the test. Each person was given five minutes to play around with each device before the actual test started. The tasks that the users were asked to perform were: make a call by dialing a number manually and then by calling a person from the address book, change volume during a call add a new contact to the address book, create a new calendar event, set the alarm, compose and send a text message, put the phone in silent mode, and take a picture and send it to a person in the address book.

InUse reports, “After the users had completed all tasks, they were asked which phone they would prefer to use, should they choose today. Four persons picked the iPhone and one the Sony Ericsson W910i. In terms of subjective preference, this means that the iPhone won by wide margins. The Sony Ericsson came in second place and the Nokia third. Most of the subjects did not mention the HTC at all when speaking of which device they would prefer.”

InUse reports, “Looking at actual performance, four users were able to carry out all tasks without any help from the test leader while using the iPhone. The fifth person needed help to find the back-key in the upper left corner of the screen to step back in the interface. He also had problems making a call using the address book, trying to find a green phone icon to push.”

MacDailyNews Take: Windows sufferer.

InUse reports, “The iPhone aims for the stars, and the expectations are incredibly high. However, from what we have seen in this initial test, it manages very well. Crucial everyday actions are intuitive and effective to carry out, at least better implemented than with competing mobile device conventions. The iPhone also seduces with its glossy interface and bright screen. So – yes. The iPhone does live up to the hype!”

The full report is available via InUse (pdf, 1MB) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Herr Chang” for the heads up.]


  1. as much as i am an apple-fanboy, is seems to me they don’t get much right at the moment. 360 (!) movies to rent from after almost 2 month, sdk delayed, no new countries for the iphone. why apple doensn’t sell that damn phone all over the world is beyond me? oh wait, i forgot, they don’t find new carriers who want to share their revenue.

    and almost 20bn in cash but no dividends. i don’t wonder why appl seems to be the only one in the red as of lately.

  2. I like my iPhone but the slow network makes it painful to use the phone like in the commercials. I was in LA last week trying to find a restaurant and it took so long for pages to load it was a non-factor and made the iPhone as useful as a brick. Sure when there is wi-fi it works well but that disclaimer should be on the commercial.

  3. “The fifth person needed help to find the back-key in the upper left corner of the screen to step back in the interface. He also had problems making a call using the address book, trying to find a green phone icon to push.””

    they gave Bush an iPhone? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. You don’t really understand how wonderful the iPhone is until you start integrating it into your daily routine. I guess it’s not for everyone, but this is by far the very best phone I have ever used, and it will only get better. Even knowing that there are now iPhones with more storage and a 3G version on the way doesn’t make me regret my decision.

    Another interesting note – they are all over New York now. I noticed that iPods were ubiquitous in New York before they were ubiquitous everywhere else as well, so that’s probably a good indication of how quickly people will be snapping up these phones.

  5. Well la-tee-freakin’-da, I-Phone dorks. The morons at InUse didn’t test the users in Exchange connectivity, did they? That’s where Windows Mobile shines. Who cares about sending pictures or text messaging? That’s for kids.

    When you MAC lemmings grow up you all will be using Windows Mobile-based phones. They live up to the enterprise connectivity and office productivity hype. It’s like being in your office cubicle 24/7. Sweeeeet!

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  6. @Rich Apple Person:
    Yeah, Safari is a crapshoot; depending on both cell connection and web servers for delivery speed. Sometimes I find it surprisingly fast, and sometimes it is a waiting game.

    Google maps, though, is much better. I was in Hollywood last week to see a show with some friends. Afterwards we wanted to go to El Chollo restaurant, but I didn’t know how to get there. I just typed in El Chollo in the search box and Google had three choice to me in less than 2 seconds. I picked the one we wanted and within a second the map and pin appeared. Clicked on the iPhone’s new tab for Google and selected Directions, witch came up with the FROM box already pre-filled out with “Current Location” (new iPhone triangulation at work) an with El Chollo in the TO box. Within another second I had map route and step by step driving instructions. The whole thing took about 30 seconds, and this was the FIRST time I had every looked at these new Google features since the upgrade. I was BLOWN AWAY at how useful, quick and easy the process is. So, the moral is to at least know the name of restaurant before you go somewhere, and then use Google maps to get the info later; a click on the map pin brings up all contact info for the location, which is pretty damn cool too.

    My only problem is that I was looking for a green phone icon and couldn’t find it. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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