Apple’s Time Capsule featured in latest Best Buy flyer

Apple Online StoreSeveral MacDailyNews readers and websites are reporting that Apple’s soon-to-ship Time Capsule is featured in the latest flyer from Best Buy.

Apple’s Time Capsule is scheduled for a February release.

TUAW has a shot of the Best Buy flyer here.

MacDailyNews Take: Has anyone seen Apple’s Time Capsule in a brick-and-mortar Best Buy store (or purchased one)?


  1. It appeared in Best Buy’s ads in South Florida this weekend. I went to there, but they had none. The sales clerk called up the info on all Best Buy stores in the area and the computer system said none of the stores had Time Capsule. It showed a very small handful were currently being shipping to a couple stores in the area — like two or three Time Capsules going to two or three Best Buys in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Palm Beach area.

  2. I’m hoping it includes some new firmware, that will also be available for the AEBS, so it will allow all us suckers who paid for on of these to be able to use a USB HD reliably.

    Not even as a backup device, just be able to plug it in and use it without it disconnecting every 5 minutes and connecting as Guest even though guest access is turned off.

    I hope I’m right.

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