Apple iTunes Store offers ‘Movie of the Week’ for 99-cents

Apple is offering a “Movie of the Week” specially-priced at 99-cents which is 1/3rd the price of SD older titles.

The current title being offered is 2002’s Academy Award-winning film and Best Picture nominee “The Hours” with Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Meryl Streep among others. The movie won the 2003 Golden Globe Best Dramatic Film and received nine Academy Award nominations. Kidman won both the Best Dramatic Actress Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the film.

Each Movie of the Week’s special iTunes Store pricing starts on Thursday and ends on Monday.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. That’s the way to spend the advertising budget, give the benefits to the customers not the wastelings in advertising industry. Oops lots of them use Macs, well they know what I mean don’t you.
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  2. @mo from Philly

    You go to iTMS next week. That’s the hook, and it’s brilliant from Apple. Older movies which people may not think to download and watch, but for a buck, why not? Plus, it gets people coming to iTMS each week to see the movie of the week, so you then see all of the OTHER new movies being released.

  3. Probably the studios way of pushing crap movies nobody watched in the first place. We’ll probably never see popular movies on list.

    Also, I wish people would quit griping about the amount of movies available. Get over it. The selection will increase as usage increases. The music selection started the same way. A studio is not going to commit their entire library right from the start. If the system fails, they’ve wasted millions on startup. (Not that iTunes movies will fail. We all know that’s not going to happen)

  4. That’s the problem. There is no listing that I could see about the $.99 on the Itunes store – you just have to know about it. I hope this changes and they prominently feature the movie of the week.


  5. sorry, but i’m in the mood:
    not only didn’t they add no new movies to the store for the last 3 days, they even pulled movies that were already on, like saw IV. it is gone now (not that i wanted to watch it).
    4 more days to add 640 movies to get to the 1000 movies by the end of february you promised us mr. j.

    magic word. saw as in “…”

  6. Hmmmm,
    I installed AppleTV and the movies pop up on the screen in alphabitical order. But where do I go to get a full listing directly on iTunes? Is it just on the center screen? But those seem limited and the weekly pick??

    Just checking.


  7. izzat like the old “ABC Movie of the Week” or the “NBC Mystery Movies” on sunday nights back in the day? ohh, yea. ‘dat was nice! ya know, Steven Spielburg got his start with the ABC Movie o’ th’ Week with the movie “Duel” starring Dennis Weaver… got a copy of the LazerDisc right over here… lemme get it fer ‘ye…

    (stands up… and the sounds of a popsicle stick snapping)

    OH! m’back!! danged lumbago…

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