AT&T offers unlimited plan, includes Apple iPhone

“Quickly following a similar move by Verizon, cellular carrier AT&T today said it would introduce an unlimited plan of its own. The $100 monthly agreement allows subscribers to call anywhere within the US without the long distance or roaming charges that normally come with service, regardless of the length of the call. Data and MMS/SMS messaging service are not included but can be added to the plan at their normal $20 rates, AT&T says,” Electronista reports.

“The plan should be available as of Friday the 22nd and will not require a contract extension for current subscribers,” Electronista reports.

“The iPhone is now known to be included in the offerings but will cost $120 per month, as it requires the same $20 monthly unlimited data plan as for standard iPhone plans,” Electronista reports.

Full article here.


  1. We couldn’t care less… we’re leaving outside the US, France, UK and Germany. Just get that s*** unlocked and the all world will be happy.

    Think about iPhone worldwide + SDK available. This would mean Apple dominance.

    Once again, Steve is letting an opportunity slips into his hands.

  2. That is rediculous!

    I’m with ATT right now, and I get more minutes than I can use a month, with roll over, shared between two lines for $62. We dropped our land line and use these two phones for our primary numbers. Really, me and my wife have had this deal since 2006. We have never once given though to Roaming or Long Distance or using up our minutes. Why on earth would we pay $40 more per month for “Unlimited” when we are not even using the minute we have?

    Who does this even apply to?

  3. fsck AT&T;. My iPhone rates are already ridiculously high. It’s $40 bucks if you want to add unlimited SMS, it’s $5 on a regular phone on AT&T;. The ONLY thing that can ruin this wonderful product is the greed of AT&T;.

  4. Who does this even apply to?

    Like Captain Obvious said, it’s for people who currently pay more than $99 per month for service or would like to have more minutes but can’t afford the increased bill.

    I can’t use all of the 450 minutes I get (I have over 1600 rollover minutes since September), so it’s not for me. However, if I ran a business and used my iPhone for it, I might be inclined to go with a plan like this.

    It would also be good for someone who wants to ditch the land line.

  5. TO “Mac+”,
    This is not about dominance… this is about creating a great product and making sure that it is well supported.
    PS: Check different jailbreaks online and get your iPhone working anywhere around the world… I heard of a few working iPhones in Iran!!! Who knows, maybe Ahmadinejad has one of them! haha.

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