Apple to plop Blu-ray drives in Mac Pros by late spring?

“Apple has never been one for alliances, coalitions or other formal (or informal) industry-wide groupings. Case in point: The company joined the Blu-ray Disc Association in 2005 promising to help promote the high definition format and then did pretty much nothing (at least in a commercial sense) for close to three years,” Bryan Gardiner blogs or Wired.

“This despite Jobs acknowledging that ‘consumers are…anxiously awaiting a way to burn their own high def DVDs.’ Apparently, they weren’t anxious enough to warrant sticking Blu-ray drives in Macs,” Gardiner writes.

“Given the ongoing format war, Apple’s hesitation is more than understandable. But with Toshiba finally waving the white HD flag on Tuesday — and other BDA members like HP and Dell starting to offer more Blu-ray equipped systems — that reluctance could finally be changing,” Gardiner writes.

“Some Apple watchers seem to think we’ll start to see Blu-ray drives in Mac Pros by late spring…which is what some were also saying in back in 2006. I would only say that at this point Apple is in no hurry,” Gardiner writes. “In fact, with downloadable HD content via iTunes, it’s in even less of hurry. Apple would much rather sell (or rent) you a HD movie than help you watch it with a Blu-ray drive.”

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  1. optical discs and drives will soon be old technology, if they are not already. doesn’t mean they won’t exists, they just won’t be as important as a format. kinda like vinyl and turntables, they are still around but just not that important to the average consumer.

  2. “Apple would much rather sell (or rent) you a HD movie than help you watch it with a Blu-ray drive.””


    I think that those longing for Blu-Ray equipped Macs are less concerned with watching Blu-Ray movies than they are with being able to author and write to Blu-Ray discs…. Namely video and graphic pros…

  3. I think the Mac consumer market is bigger than the video editing pros market.
    Granted, few consumers watch movies on their desktop, but laptop owners in numbers probably would embrace the ability to watch blu-rays these days.

  4. Blu-Ray in the Mac Pro’s will be here very soon now that the format war is over.

    It has nothing to with iTunes downloads or anything else, as the Mac Pro client base needs to be able to Author Blu-Ray discs for professional purposes.

    Apple recognizes this and also recognizes that the Mac Pro attracts a very different client and set of needs relative to all of their other platforms.

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