InfoWorld: Time to dump Microsoft’s Windows and ‘Get a Mac?’

“InfoWorld’s ‘Save XP’ petition asking Microsoft to keep Windows XP available indefinitely, not end most sales on June 30 as currently planned, has prompted many readers to suggest that maybe the best answer for those who don’t like Vista is to switch to another operating system completely,” Galen Gruman reports for InfoWorld.

“‘Windows Vista was the reason I bought a Mac mini. I didn’t want my only choices to be an operating system that would soon be obsolete (XP) or one that was buggy and would break much existing hardware (Vista), and I’m not enough of a geek to use Linux (do things from the command line? Puhleeze…),’ wrote ‘Jack,'” Gruman reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Linux on the desktop is a fantasy; simply a non-starter. In January 2008, Net Applications’ measure of operating system usage share online put Linux at 0.67%. Apple’s Mac OS X was 7.57%. In fact, Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch already hold 0.17%. Apple’s Wi-Fi mobile devices will likely surpass Linux on the desktop this year. After years and years of availability, Linux has no significant, meaningful user base. And, it has nothing to do with being geeky or using the command line. It has everything to do with a mature user interface and access to the world’s best applications. Only Apple Macintosh can run all the world’s applications. Most Linux on the desktop “geeks” we know switched to Mac OS X long ago. You want Unix on the desktop, you want Mac OS X. That said, Linux is a perfectly acceptable (and maybe even the best) choice for the server room.

Gruman reports, “Of the plausible alternatives to Windows, Apple’s Mac OS X has the largest market share and history. InfoWorld chief technologist Tom Yager has written that the latest version of the Mac OS, Leopard (10.5), is simply the best operating system available. And Macs are indeed popping up more frequently even within IT circles — I’ve seen more MacBook Pros in the hands of CTOs and IT execs at conferences in the past year more than I’ve seen Mac notebooks in such venues ever. Although there are no real numbers on just the business adoption of Macs, it’s clear that Apple is in growth mode, gaining an increasing proportion of all new computer sales for more than a year now.

“InfoWorld’s Yager has chronicled the adventures of one PC user who switched to the Mac OS, showing that for an individual, the conversion was ultimately a rewarding one. The TechWeb site has also provided a good guide on how to make the switch to Mac OS X,” Gruman reports. “A key tool for any Mac OS X switcher is a virtual machine to run Windows for those apps and Web sites that require it. Both Parallels Desktop 3.0 and EMC VMware’s Fusion software will do the trick, as InfoWorld’s comparative review has shown.”

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Shawn” for the heads up.]


  1. Interestingly, the rise of Macs has also resulted in an increase in the number of post-it notes attached to computers on TV shows when they attempt to hide the logo. The iMac in the counsellor’s office on the Sarah Connor Chronicles last week being one of the most recent examples. There has also been an increase in penholders and other desktop furniture positioned behind laptops.

  2. “Time to dump Microsoft’s Windows and ‘Get a Mac?’”

    Well, the day Apple will launch a decent computer (including keyboard and screen) for $700, they won’t need those “Get a Mac” or “I’m a Mac, you’re a PC” stupid ads!!! They worldwide market share will tripe in 2 years… believe me.

    Really, with close to 20 billions in cash, and an extremely profitable business running, they can give us a good quality and more affordable entry-level computer. And please guys, don’t mention this stupid Mac Mini. It’s a joke !!!

  3. here is the plan
    Big brother has been sticking it to you forever
    now lets stick it ti them
    buy AAPL now while wall street has “uptick rule” to print money for itself
    switch to Apple, have you friends switch to apple, have your business switch to Apple
    by the time you are 30 you will retire just as oh so many Mr softie jerk did
    got it ??

    now do it

    its all a game the fat kats are play people with billions THEY PRINT THEIR MONEY WITH STOCK MANIPULATION IT IS A FACT


  4. I have used more OSs than anyone I know. But you will never hear me whine about the deficiencies of one OS over another. I like them all for what they are and use them where appropriate.

    Of all the consumer OSs, Leopard is by far the best. There is just so much that you can do with it in your day to day life. It is rock solid stable, fast, and fun to use.

    I also think that the MacBook Pro is the best all around computer that Apple makes. It may be expensive, but there is almost nothing consumer oriented that it cannot do.

  5. @ The Rev.
    Man, I bet you it’s possible for Apple to deliver a $700 computer that is absolutely NOT CHEAP. They could lower a bit some technical specifications, like the scree size who could be 15 inch, like the Ram that could be 1Gig, etc. You could have a cool all-in-one iMac Mini…

  6. To Mac+
    “Well, the day Apple will launch a decent computer (including keyboard and screen) for $700…” And please guys, don’t mention this stupid Mac Mini. It’s a joke”

    Ok The lowest price Imac – is what $1200? So difference is price of $500 between a $700 Chainstore PC and an Imac gets you …

    Anybody looking for a $700 computer should just wait a month or two more save the extra $500 and get an Imac…

    Oh and if you looking at a $700 PC, then the mini is probably about right in terms of simply surfing the net, e-mail, paying bills, doing school projects, managing your photos, skyping, … gee about 95% of what individuals use computers for!!!

  7. @Mac+

    What they need to do is place an expandable system between the iMac and the Mac Pro. Something that you can customize yourself, with your own hardware choices; nVidia or ATI, matte or glossy, dual or quad core, etc.

  8. The time to dump windows was years ago – talk about late!

    No one needs windows these days, especially as the future of software is web apps that can be used on any OS in just a browser window.

  9. It never fails and it never ceases to amaze me (one of the comments ftfa):

    “Windows will be around for a long time. The switch campaign is all well and good, but so what. Apple can only so far with their current business model. Vista may be perceived to be a dud, but it is no different in adoption than any other Windows software. I’ve used Apple once in the 90s and switched back. I’m tired of some frustrations that Apple bring to the table like the cost and lack of flexibility and when Apple fails, it is no different than Windows.”

    He’s obviously the expert. </sarcasm>

  10. Okay, so here’s a question, and I ask because it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine. Why do people, including MDN, frequently say “Apple Mac”. Example from this story:

    “Only Apple Mac can run all the world’s applications.”

    Last I checked, Apple was the only company that makes them so it’s a bit redundant. Additionally, the ads on this page don’t say Apple MacBook or Apple iPod nano. And I don’t run Apple Mac OS X Leopard on my MacBook. I know it’s not a big deal as the world turns, but it does bug me a bit.

  11. One of my friends who introduced me to the Mac switched to Winblows about 2 years after I bought my Mac. (I wasn’t really a switcher because my Mac was the first computer I ever bought and I always hated Windoze but never knew why) I told him he was stupid and on the wrong side of history. He thought the OS X transition would ruin Apple – it didn’t. He then thought the Intel transition would do it – it didn’t. Now, he is fed up with XP, hates Fista, and is too proud to switch back to the Mac platform (won’t admit he was wrong), so, he is going with Ubuntu. I think he will be a Mac user again in a year or so.

    A wayward sheep trying to find his way back to the flock!

  12. @M.X.N.T.4.1,
    Me and my PowerBook were shown on the local CBS news here in Philly after the Grammy’s for a segment on digital downloads. No covering of my Apple logo! Actually, at the coffee shop that day there were 6 laptops – all Macs.

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