Baton Rouge-area 6th-graders take home over 3,500 Apple MacBooks

“West Feliciana Middle School sixth-graders left school last Tuesday with laptop computers and words of encouragement and caution,” James Minton reports for WBRZ-TV.

MacDailyNews Note: West Feliciana Parish is located in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana metro area.

Minton reports, “The students are participating in ‘Turn on to Learning,’ a $5 million initiative to put Apple MacBook computers into the hands of more that 3,500 sixth-graders and their teachers across the state.”

“West Feliciana’s students received their computers last fall, and Tuesday was their first opportunity to use them at home,” Minton reports.

“The state program offered each school 52 computers, but West Feliciana correctly assumed that some schools would not participate and therefore asked, and received, enough computers for every sixth-grader at the parish’s middle school,” Minton reports.

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  1. “School technology coordinator Leslie McClure spoke briefly on being a good ‘cyber-citizen’ and cautioned the students on avoiding Web sites with adult content, gambling offers and ‘violence and hate.'”

    So, no real world lessons. Now go pick some flowers. La la la la la.

  2. She was smart, gamed the system and secured laptops for all. Too bad about the kids at the other schools, though. They didn’t have anyone (teachers, administrators) who cared enough to apply for their free laptops.

  3. That embrace early, get them hooked in school rhetoric has been around for decades now. The mac was HUGE at colleges as far back as the late 80’s. How much difference has it made? Who can tell?It got me hooked, but as far as infiltrating Corporate America, well, Windows is still regretfully too entrenched. IMO, Too many other people at those companies rely on them for their jobs and can’t think outside the box.

  4. I attended my 30th HS Reunion last year in Oklahoma City, Ok
    (Bishop McGuinness Catholic HS –

    They have completely refitted the school with iMacs, Power Macs and laptops for all stuendts and extensive Wireless capabilities as wel.

    It was GREAT to see the $20 Million dollar renovation put to good use (that was the entire school renovation, not just computers)

  5. @ Register or Login:

    If you think the problems in New Orleans are even remotely Dubya’s fault, you are absolutely clueless.

    As a native of Louisiana I’m glad, though, that the West Feliciana schools got computer assistance. There are some beautiful areas and historic places there.

  6. Ampar – Minor correction

    La la la la la.

    “La.” was Louisiana’s old state abbreviation. “LA” is the state’s new abbreviation.

    Therefore, I think the correct phrase is “LA LA LA LA LA”. (Just like the tune of the Smurf song!)

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