Apple IIc unboxing photos

“On Thursday night, Kathryn and I unboxed my latest Ebay acquisition: an Apple IIc,” Dan Budiac writes on Flickr.

Budiac writes, “There are many vintage Apple II computers available for auction, but this one is special: It’s never been opened. Ever. It hasn’t seen the light of day since before it was shipped on May 5th, 1988.”

“I wrestled with whether I should open the box, or store it and let it accrue collector’s value. In the end, I decided that the reason for my purchase wasn’t financial,” Budiac writes. “My very first computer was an Apple IIc, and I can’t see wanting to part with this computer, ever.”

Full photo spread here.


  1. I got an Apple II a while ago. The original thing, not the II+, even with the low serial number, and some SN’s corrected with pen, with the old stencil manuals with the whole schematics.

    It wasn’t mint like this one, but it has the original shipping box, manuals, packing (blue foam), the whole thing.

    I can relate to the joy.

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