Microsoft’s Windows Vista: Your Frustration. Our Fault.

“Microsoft released Windows Vista to the world one year ago with ads likening the new PC operating system to such awe-inspiring moments as the first American spaceflight and the fall of the Berlin Wall,” Todd Bishop reports for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “Charles Walling just wants it to work with his printer.”

Bishop reports, “The retired Seattle warehouseman has spent hours on the Dell tech support line, installed all the drivers and, yes, double-checked all the cords and plugs. No luck. The cause of the problem isn’t clear, but Walling knows one thing: The same printer worked with Windows Vista’s predecessor, Windows XP.

“‘You can see the frustration,’ Walling said this week, sitting at his desk after Windows Vista displayed an error message in response to an attempt to print,” Bishop reports.

Bishop reports, “Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates recently called Windows Vista the ‘best new product of the year.'”

Bishop reports, “A year after its glitzy retail launch, Windows Vista has developed a reputation as a source of frustration for others. The effects of that reputation are apparent in the habits of PC buyers. At the computer store Quidnunc in West Seattle, for example, owner Bill Hibler estimates that 40 percent of people ordering computers through his shop still ask for Windows XP.”

Bishop reports, “Walling, the retired Seattle warehouseman, moved to Windows Vista when he bought a new PC last fall. Despite the problems he has experienced, he’s sticking with the operating system, figuring it would be too much hassle to go back at this point. He still hopes to fix his printer compatibility problems. In the meantime, how does he print out his documents? ‘I don’t,’ he said.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rob” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: The combination of “Stockholm Syndrome” and “cognitive dissonance” produces a victim who firmly believes the relationship is not only acceptable, but also desperately needed for their survival.


  1. HP still hasn’t released a Leopard compatible driver for the scanning portion of the machine, which was his whole point in getting the thing.

    I wouldn’t brag too much about Leopard re: drivers.

    It’s not Leopard, it’s HP integrating software with the scanner drivers.

    Brother does the same thing and so does Cannon I beleive.

    It’s just hardware makers wanting control over their own operating system.

    Holy cow, where did I hear that before?

  2. Cry me a river. This guy sounds like a MAC user with his “just wants it [Vista] to work with his printer” nonsense.

    I submit ChrissyOne’s insane statement “That’s it. Everything worked. Exactly as it should. Period.” as another example of the MAC lemming mentality. If you sissies bought a real computer you’d be hacking registries and getting to know the fine folks at Dell tech support. The gang at Acer are pretty cool too. It’s part of the process and it’s what power users do. If you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch.

    You MAC sheep are big fat babies.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. Jay-Z , I am using PS3 the latest version. And it is a known problem. Adobe admits it and has publicly stated that the fix will come from Apple via Leopard. Very strange. I am not going to jump ship to Windoze having just bought my first Apple machine ever. But, the idea that Vista is full of problems while Leopard ‘just works’ is nonsense. Vista works for most people I know. And Leopard has had its share of problems. Apple does seem to fix Leopard problems faster than MS fixes Vista problems, that is my impression.

  4. “Genovese, who has become known as the “Vista Mom” because of the exchange, said her experience taught her several rules of thumb — including the need to wait for a Windows version’s first big “service pack” update before adopting it, and to buy a new PC with the new operating system, rather than upgrading an existing machine.”

    Best rule of thumb!

    Apple should offer a 30 day trial period

  5. “…getting to know the fine folks at Dell tech support …it’s what power users do”

    Zune Tang: you are loosing your touch. Before, you could make me believe that you actually believed all the things you said (even if those things were stupid; stupid but funny). But what you said today is like a bad Adam Sandler joke.

  6. OK, Let me explain this to you Mac people in a simple way so you can comprehend: when MS releases an OS, they have to make sure it works with gizillions of different hardware. Apple has it easy, they make both the software and hardware. Obviously the exprience is going to be smoother.

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