iPhone 1.1.3 ‘jailbreak’ released

“Hackers on Thursday released a simple ‘jailbreak’ solution for iPhone 1.1.3, allowing users with already jailbroken iPhones running v1.1.1 and v1.1.2 to upgrade to the latest software/firmware update,” MacNN reports.

“Delivered about 9 days after the v1.1.3 update was first released to the public, the iPhone Dev Team and Iphone Elite Team have released a working ‘jailbreak’ for iPhone 1.1.3, allowing users to install third-party applications and obtain access to the filesystem,” MacNN reports.

“Ironically, version 1.1.3 of the software includes the groundwork for Apple’s forthcoming SDK (due by end of February), which will allow third-parties to deliver native applications for the iPhone without the ‘jailbreak,'” MacNN reports.

Full article with links here.


  1. @Grigori
    a) iPhone isn’t available in every country and won’t work on any carrier network’s that aren’t authorized by Apple unless they’re unlocked AND jailbroken
    b) There are hundreds of cool programs that extend the functionality of the iPhone making it far more valuable than it is out of the box. Some people are willing to hack their iPhone to get access to them.

    The official SDK will most likely mean (b) isn’t necessary, but (a) will probably be an issue for years to come.

  2. My Phone is great and keeps getting better.
    I don’t need have a hack screw up on me and Apple say “tough luck, you did it to yourself”.
    I’ll stick to Apple certified software. Aside from which, the SDK’s coming out in a month (or less?) anyway!

    I’ve had my iPhone since November and still can be amazed by how simple and cool it is, even with out third party apps (for now hehe [removed]void(0); )

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