Study shows ‘iPhone Effect’ boosting Americans’ opinion, sales of Apple

Solutions Research Group’s independent syndicated trend study, “Digital Life America” shows that 32% of Americans have a “very positive” impression of Apple, up from 21% before the iPhone introduction and that Apple’s “product footprint” (those aged 12+ who have at least one or more Apple products) has expanded to 31% in January 2008 vs. 20% in October 2006.

The results are based on an online survey of American consumers in November 2007 (1,150) and are compared to a similar study in October 2006 (1,600). According to SRG, “Digital Life America” uses high quality, professionally-managed panels which represent the U.S. online population by age, gender, region, and ethnicity. To maintain an unbiased perspective, Solutions Research Group funds its own syndicated research.


[Attribution: AppleInsider]


  1. 32% have positive opinion of Apple? Apple=Me.

    What communist put that big lie up? More like 132%. If it’s not, just wait until they see the wash I’ve chosen for tomorrow. That’ll get ’em talking.

    For all of you in the queue on the street: cake to be delivered at 3 – you can eat that!

  2. Thanks, Predrag. I felt pretty . . . good about the WSS tribute too.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    (I was a Shark in a high school production several hundred years ago. Good times.)

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