MacBookAir domain names registered by Apple (1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA)

After reading “Apple to debut ‘MacBook Air’ on Tuesday?” MacDailyNews reader “mango” did a little research on “MacBook Air” and found that it’s an Apple owned domain name.

The Whois domain name lookup won’t list any info using or .net, but shows the address:

Admin Street1: 303 Second Street
Admin Street2: Suite 800N
Admin City: San Francisco
Admin State/Province: CA

And,, and show the same address, but with additional information:

Billing Street1: 1 Infinite Loop
Billing Street2: Mail Stop 3-TM
Billing City: Cupertino
Billing State/Province: CA
Domain Registration Date: Fri Jan 11 22:49:59 GMT 2008

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “mango” for the heads up.]


  1. Stop this! When I’m trying to decide on the type of wash for tomorrow’s Levis, I can’t be distracted by these leaks.

    Damn it. I decide. No one else. No one.

    MDN: you are about to suffer an unexplainable outage. One more of these and you’re toast.

    Besides, the majority of my sheep in the queue on the street so they can’t see what you are posting anyhow. Oh, that’s wrong, they all have my phone and ARE reading the stuff from these leakers.

    I’ll get ’em all, though. Boom! There goes the AT&T;signal at Moscone and it won’t be back until I’m ready and I’m not ready until I decide on which wash.

  2. I was in a meeting once, with my boss at the time and some people who were creating this thing called a DVR. They were trying to settle on a name. The name they finally settled on (with urging from my boss) was TiVO. I thought, “Gee that’s a dumb name.” Doesn’t even mean anything.

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