Images of Macworld Expo banners, Apple area, show floor

setteB.IT has an online preview of Macworld Expo, the show floor, and the Apple area.

setteB.IT has published 40+ images from Macworld Expo and the show floors in San Francisco (text in Italian), including “Theres’ something in the air” banners and the familiar shrouded-in-black/to be unveiled post-keynote banners here and here.


  1. Did I see some air holes in one of those boxes?

    The one with the “Do not feed the Ballmer” sticker on it.

    That’ll be his cage they’re building behind the black curtain. It’ll be like the unveiling of King Kong at the circus…

  2. I and all of the above have no lives….

    I wonder if they have a guy on the opposite corner… or maybe one at each corner.. I wonder if they are packin? the Secret Mac Service.

  3. 1. Useless information
    2. Valueless details
    3. Absent analysis
    4. No cogent commentary
    5. Incomprehensible and stupefying monotony
    6. Minimal journalistic ethics and principles
    7. Paltry performance in perspicacity
    8. Shameless pandering
    9. Exacerbation of fanboi fervor (or is it fever?)
    10. Absolutely nonexistent entertainment value

    Yup, this post now satisfies MDN’s revised “Top Ten” criteria for “news” reporting. Well, MDN, you do get one solitary point for consistency and predictability. Congrats, lads, you are now the world’s undisputed “village idiots” of Apple-dom.

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