CNBC’s Face Of Business for 2007: Apple CEO Steve Jobs

“Under the leadership of Steve Jobs the Apple brand has been incredibly successful at changing with the times and setting new trends — part of the reason CNBC viewers chose Jobs as this year’s Face of Business,” CNBC reports.

CNBC’s Face Of Business for 2007 Results
(Name, Description: Votes, Percentage of Total Votes)
(Total votes: 5601)
• Steve Jobs, Apple, Technology/Innovation: 4412, 79%
• Chuck Prince, Citigroup, Financials/Wall Street Subprime Fallout: 368, 7%
• The American Homeowner: 218, 3%
• The Google Guys: Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt/Technology: 160, 3%
• Angelo Mozilo, Countrywide/Housing-Mortgage Crisis: 142, 3%
• Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs, Investment Banking/Financials: 88, 2%
• Rick Wagoner, GM, Automotive Industry: 63, 1%
• Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Internet/Social Networking: 52, 1%
• Sovereign Funds, Impact of Foreign Wealth & Investment: 49, 1%
• Steve Schwarzman, Blackstone Group, Private Equity: 21, 0%
• Hank Paulson, Treasury Secretary, Dollar/China: 28, 0%

CNBC reports, “The Mac had its best performance ever — selling 1.76 million computers last quarter.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple shipped 2.164 million Macs last quarter. Come on, CNBC. It would have been so simple to check that fact first. Sheesh.

CNBC reports, “The other money maker is the iPod, another Jobs innovation. Apple sold 21 million iPods during its fourth quarter, with several analysts projecting another 20 million this quarter. That number could go even higher depending on how popular the new design is.”

CNBC continues, “And since it’s launch in late June, the iPhone has been one of the top-selling smart phones in the United States. Some say it could sell up to 14 million units during its first year on the market, though some remain lukewarm on its potential. ‘Because it’s all brand new, chances are it’s not going to be particularly reliable so all of that wrapped up into a package makes what’s a very pretty phone — makes you probably want to wait for generation two,’ said Rob Enderle of Enderle Group.”

MacDailyNews Take: CNBC. Dumbasses quoting a dumbass. Is it too late for us to reverse our votes? We’re not sure Jobs would want a CNBC award.

CNBC continues, “So, for Apple and Jobs, it’s a job well done in ‘07. But as expectations grow, will jobs [sic] get the job done in ’08?”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JadisOne” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Kudos to CNBC to for picking a random U.S. public school third-grader to write such an important article. Giving him or her the phone number of the one doofus who thinks and writes on their level (we’re being very generous) was also a stroke of genius. Not many professional news outfits would entrust such a responsibility to an 8-year-old; and obviously without an adult editor’s intervention to boot.

We hereby apologize to our readers for previously encouraging the thorough stuffing of this particular ballot box.


  1. Come on MDN.
    Enough with the vitriol.

    Honestly. It’s getting too much (dumb*ss, etc).

    We’re just talking about computers here after all. With the spite in the MDN Take here you’d think this article was bad news.

    I’ll come here for Apple news but I don’t think I’ll be bothering with the ‘Take’ any more. It’s no wonder Windows users think MacHeads are fanatics.

  2. MDN is entirely correct to criticize CNBC’s mess of an article. From ending sentences with “is” to getting Mac unit sales wrong to quoting the biggest idiot possible, CNBC’s article is amateurish at best.

    It almost seems like they didn’t want Jobs to win, but they were stuck having to followup on their poll, so they dashed off something halfheartedly.

  3. Steve Jobs? a.k.a. Mr. Threepercentmarketshare? a.k.a. Mr. Mycomputersareproprietayandexpensive? What a joke.

    Any poll for the FACE OF BUSINESS that doesn’t include the great Steve Ballmer is ridiculous. Apple doesn’t even make computers that work in the REAL WORLD, i.e. BUSINESS. Microsoft Windows Vista will do more for worldwide business productivity than any craptacular MAC toy Apple comes up with—for the next ten years! Whatever.

    I wrote in Steve Ballmer. Good job, Steve. Ballmer that is.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. @Zooney:

    You’re killin’ me! I set up Macs in the Enterprise just about every day. And yeah, we do the whole Active Directory binding and Exchange mail and any other thing needs doing. So you must be joshin’ me right? Or are you a parody type? I’m sure someone around here knows.

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