Flip4Mac WMV 2.2 released

Telestream has released Flip4Mac WMV which is a collection of QuickTime components that allow you to play, import and export Windows Media files. Flip4Mac WMV can be used with most QuickTime applications including QuickTime Player, iMovie 6 (iMovie ’08 is not supported at this time) and Final Cut Pro.

The Flip4Mac WMV components are compatible with Intel and PowerPC(G4+) Mac OS X versions 10.3.9, 10.4, 10.5.1 or later and QuickTime versions 7.0 and later (7.1.6 or higher recommended).

Changes in this release:

• Added JavaScript support to the browser plugins
• Added support for URL Stream Scripting
• Improved ASX handling
• Improved support for MMS servers and live streams
• Improved compatibility with many different web sites
• Removed the user enabled “Create Streaming Movies” preference
• Added support for manual Deactivation/Reactivation
• Fixed potential security issue reported by Drew Yao where an attacker could potentially cause a security issue by deliberately malforming WMV files.

• Significant encoding speed improvements for Intel Mac
• Improved video quality when encoding 2-pass VBR

More info and download link here.

[Attribution MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Geo” for the heads up.]


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