Flip4Mac WMV 2.2 released

Telestream has released Flip4Mac WMV which is a collection of QuickTime components that allow you to play, import and export Windows Media files. Flip4Mac WMV can be used with most QuickTime applications including QuickTime Player, iMovie 6 (iMovie ’08 is not supported at this time) and Final Cut Pro.

The Flip4Mac WMV components are compatible with Intel and PowerPC(G4+) Mac OS X versions 10.3.9, 10.4, 10.5.1 or later and QuickTime versions 7.0 and later (7.1.6 or higher recommended).

Changes in this release:

• Added JavaScript support to the browser plugins
• Added support for URL Stream Scripting
• Improved ASX handling
• Improved support for MMS servers and live streams
• Improved compatibility with many different web sites
• Removed the user enabled “Create Streaming Movies” preference
• Added support for manual Deactivation/Reactivation
• Fixed potential security issue reported by Drew Yao where an attacker could potentially cause a security issue by deliberately malforming WMV files.

• Significant encoding speed improvements for Intel Mac
• Improved video quality when encoding 2-pass VBR

More info and download link here.

[Attribution MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Geo” for the heads up.]


  1. I love flip4mac.

    on my pc when I listen to a stream of audio, I can not pause the stream.

    when I listen to the same stream on my mac via flip4mac, I can pause the quicktime player. I can pause a live feed and pick up where I left off before. This is great for listen to live talk radio.

  2. Does this let us play DRMed Windows Media files? If not, I can’t see the point. The single most annoying thing about the Mac (which I’ve been using since 1990) is not being able to view the streaming TV shows my kid wants to watch. (“Ultra Galaxy Dai Kaiju Battle,” et al.) So I have to run Windows Media Player in VMWare and capture the video/audio with Snapz Pro, which is a pain. Of course, then I can put it on the Mac Mini connected to the TV at home, where we can watch it any time we want, instead of just during the one-week window permitted by the Windows Media DRM. But it would be so much easier if I didn’t have to boot Windows to do it.

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