SanDisk CEO: Apple’s iPhone created ongoing earthquake in mobile device market

Bear Stearns analyst Andrew Neff wrote in a note to investors that competition in the mobile device market is “not between RIM and its Blackberry, and Apple and its iPhone but rather, one between smart handsets and ordinary ones, and believes the world is moving toward smart handsets,” Shlomi Cohen reports for Seeking Alpha.

MacDailyNews Note: Shlomi Cohen is a veteran Israeli financial journalist and stock analyst who writes the popular ‘Buy, Sell, Hold’ column for Israel’s leading financial publication, Globes.

Cohen continues, “I had occasion to discuss this over the phone with SanDisk Corporation CEO Dr. Eli Harari while he was in Israel two weeks ago to celebrate the first anniversary of the merger with M-Systems, whose team he never ceases to praise. In answer to my question about what was new on the market he said, ‘There is an earthquake taking place – that no one is aware of yet – because of the iPhone. Everybody wants to do the same thing, and with a good many flash chips in the process.’ We know more about this earthquake after RIM, and now all eyes are trained firmly on Apple, which will announce its own results in January.”

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  1. “‘There is an earthquake taking place – that no one is aware of yet”

    That reminds me of that age old adage “If there is an earthquake in the woods and nobody hears it, do bears still shit?”

    You better believe they does, buddy. The woods are full of them doing it all over themselves, right now.

  2. Never has so much been made about so little.

    Steve’s phone introduces some cool features that other phone makers are adopting and, in some cases, improving upon.

    This will go on and on and on. Isn’t that the very nature of technology? Keeps getting better?

    So, why all the hysteria about changing the world and crap claims like that?

    It’s a phone-tunes player people. Nothing more.

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