ZDNet forcing iPhone users to dumbed-down mobile website

MacDailyNews readers are complaining that ZDNet is forcing iPhone users onto a dumbed-down mobile version of their website (http://m.zdnet.com/).

This website will not allow iPhone users to take advantage of the full Web browsing capabilities of their Safari browser. Access to much of ZDNet’s content is not allowed. For example, reading or contributing reader comment is not permitted.

iPhone users are upset that ZDNet is forcing a limited, “baby” Web experience on iPhone users without offering a choice to access the full ZDNet site. As one McDailyNews iPhone user remarked via email, “I did not get an iPhone, so that I would be forced to endure a crippled online experience because other mobile browsers are not as capable as iPhone.” Another told us, “I would’ve gotten a Treo, if I wanted to have as crappy a Web experience as ZDNet is offering my iPhone.” Another asked, “Why, when our iPhones are perfectly capable of viewing and interacting with their Website, is ZDNet forcing us onto their &*#$%@! Website that’s meant for inferior mobile devices?”

MacDailyNews Take: ZDNet and all other websites that are automatically redirecting iPhone users to dumbed-down mobile verison fo their Websites need to follow the lead of MLB.com, the official site of Major League Baseball. MLB redirects iPhone users to their mobile version (http://wap.mlb.com/), but they also offer a link (visible to iPhone users) to their full MLB website. Sites such as ZDNet should know better than to force iPhone users — with their capacity to experience the full Internet — onto dumbed-down, crippled mobile sites that offer no means of escape.

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ZDNet Senior Vice President Dan Farber:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Swordmaker,” “Fred Mertz,” “Journo,” and many others for the heads up.]


  1. @MDN

    In the same light as calling the folks at ZDNet dumb and “stuck in the 90’s” perhaps this website could use a bit of it’s own medicine.

    Al the pop-ups and scripts on this site are definitely dumb, 100% bad taste, and totally “stuck in the 90’s.”

    A classic example is how every link on this site, even the ones to their own sources and stories, will open a separate new browser window. Hello? Tabbed browsers have been around for ages, specifically on a Mac.

    Hardly anyone younger than 50 or so uses a new window to open up a different web page, and since I have my Safari specifically set to open up new links in a “new tab” it is intensely rude of MDN to force the link to open up in a “new window.”

    That’s almost worse than redirection.


    “Sick and tired of right-clicking every stinking link on this site to force it to open up in a new tab.”

  2. I like to check in several time a day to MDN, but I don’t do so from my iPhone. Can anyone guess why? Because MDN is the slowest loading site I have experienced. All the crap that loads before the content makes it painful to use on Edge, so I don’t do it. I am finding other sites to fill the void.

    (And yes, I fully expect to get called juvenile names for daring to criticize.)

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