Mac OS X 10.5.2 shaping up to be one of Apple’s most massive OS updates ever

“Mac OS X 10.5.2 Update, the next in a year-long series of planned updates to Apple’s new Leopard operating system, promises to be one of the most hefty maintenance releases put out by the company for its operating system software in recent years,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider.

“According to people familiar with the matter, Tuesday evening gave way to the first test builds of the software update for developers, including a 354MB bare-bones delta build and a 362MB combo updater — both of which were labeled Mac OS X 10.5.2 build 9C7,” Lane reports.

“Mac OS X 10.5.2 build 9C7 stands as just the first external distribution of the impending Leopard update, which is not expected for released to end users until early next year,” Lane reports.

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  1. There are a number of us that have grumped a little about how Leopard was the buggiest release since Jaguar. I love my Mac and I love OSX and I have done so since 1986. To those people who label people like me as a whiner, I think the heftiness of this potential update vindicates my complaints. I just hope this revives my dual G5 tower.
    And…..I am glad Apple is so quick to respond with updates which is why they are such a great company.

  2. I hope Apple adds (back) the “list” view to Stacks (in addition to the current “fan” and “grid”), adding back something that was very useful in Tiger. The use of Stacks on the application side of Dock’s “line” would also be very useful, as demonstrated here.

  3. There is plenty of room for improvement, but overall I have been quite pleased with Leopard. I must admit that I have not begun to explore all of the the functionality that it offers.

    What is interesting to me, however, is watching my children learn how to use the new iMac and discover new features well beyond the user introduction that I provided.

  4. It looks like this will be closer to what “Leopard” was supposed to be, rather than what we ended up with after the “iPhone TDY” grabbed most (all?) of those working on the project. Sounds like my wife, my mother, my step-daughter, and my laptop will be getting updates in January. Yes … I bought the Family Pack. I want to encourage Apple to offer such bargains rather than to go a bit insane with DRMs that “phone home” and the like. $70 for four extra licenses is a bargain.
    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Pod Cast

  5. “To those people who label people like me as a whiner, I think the heftiness of this potential update vindicates my complaints.”

    Why don’t you wait to see what is released before making such a statement, and while there are some users who have had issues, there are others who haven’t had ANY issues, myself included. Besides, why do you need to feel vindicated? If you have problems you have problems, who gives a rats ass what anyone else thinks. It’s not going to fix the issues you have.

    If there’s any complaining to be done probably should be more with the way Apple completely f–ked the Dock with this horrible stack and grid “feature”. Lets hope there’s a ‘fix’ for that.

    Plus you never know, the hugeness of this update could be in anticipation of new software releases that may show up at Macworld.

  6. @Buster

    With all due respect and deference, unless your “Tower” CAME with Leopard installed, only a true computing novitiate would move a brand new OS onto it. A tried and true rule of software purchasing and upgrading is . . . “Never buy anything with a zero on the end of it.”

    OS X 10.5.0 is no exception to that rule. Neither is Vista 1.0, nor OS X 10.6.0, 10.7.0, ad infinitum.

    Anyone with more than a couple of years’ experience working with computers KNOWS that virgin software is always subject to monstrous revisions immediately after the initial release. Your supposed wisdom (as cited above) is extremely suspect for not waiting until 10.5.2 . . . at the very least.

  7. P.S. (Repeat of an earlier request)

    Apple, please revise both iTunes and iPhoto so that they can e efficiently and effectively managed and shared across user accounts on a computer without jumping through hoops, and while providing reasonable control/protection over the contents of the libraries (databases). I should be able to set this up easily as an administrator, and then add user account access to these databases. I should be able to easily assign user privileges to the libraries (i.e., deletion of content, addition of content, access to content) on an individual basis without hindering the basic functionality of the application. I should not have to place the iTunes library in ‘Shared,” nor should I have to create a disk image to host the iPhoto library.

  8. @MaLvado,
    “I wonder how much of that are fixes vs features.”

    That is exactly what I am wondering, too. I want to see a Spaces for Dashboard. It seems to be a logical stepping stone. I’d love to have multiple “themed” Dashboard spaces.

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