Apple releases Security Update 2007-009

Apple today released Security Update 2007-009 which is recommended for all users and improves the security of the following components:

– Core Foundation
– Flash Player Plug-in
– Launch Services
– perl
– python
– Quick Look
– ruby
– Safari
– Samba
– Shockwave Plug-in
– Spin Tracer

Security Update 2007-009 is available via Software Update and also as standalone installers.

More info and download links:
Security Update 2007-009 (10.5.1) – 35.6MB
Security Update 2007-009 (10.4.11 Universal) – 27.4MB
Security Update 2007-009 (10.4.11 PPC) – 15.9MB


  1. Jackson R. Lewis please note…

    Apple’s are not invulnerable, and I do not believe MDN argues such. However, OS X is the currently the most secure platform. Security updates would still be necessary as vulnerabilities are discovered. This still doesn’t change the fact that it is the most secure platform.

  2. @Jackson Lewis

    There is a HUGE difference between pro-active security updates versus an exploit that is already “in the wild”. The Mac difference is that the OS gets patched before the problem begins to be exploited and there are far FEWER of them.

  3. Another day, another security update from Cupertino to patch their 30-year old dinosaur OS. Reminds me of the guy down the street who somehow keeps his ’77 Chevy Monza running. These patches are like the primer he uses on the rust spots. Wish he’d do something about the stinky exhaust.

    When will Apple get it right? If you MAC lemmings want the latest in a superfast, fantastic looking and solidly secure OS look no further than Magnificent Windows Vista. This Vista thing doesn’t need any patches.

  4. Apple has third party companies like Symantec to search out vulnerabilities. One was recently discovered in Quicktime Player, where an outside source (if the firewall was turned off) could execute arbitrary code on the Mac.

    These updates are necessary.

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