Microsoft nonsensically renames ‘PlaysForSure’ to ‘Certified for Windows Vista’

Microsoft has killed off “PlaysForSure” and renamed it “Certified for Windows Vista” which is supposed to do something for someone, but we have no idea what or for whom.

Basically, “PlaysForSure” is dead, but Microsoft, fearing even more bad publicity, we guess, didn’t want to just pull the plug, so, in their finite wisdom, they’ve just made it “Certified for Windows Vista” which is the same thing, we think, as for their also-ran Zune devices, which are also Vista certified, except that Zunes and the Zune Marketplace are both incompatible with the other former “PlaysForSure,” not “Certified for Windows Vista” devices and with the online outfits selling “PlaysForSure” content that nobody bought either. Is that clear?

We have no idea, nor do we care, if “Certified for Windows Vista” devices also are supposed to work with Windows XP, but, believe it or not, we think they are, which makes the new naming even funnier, if that’s possible.

Microsoft claims that PlaysForSure is “growing up,” which in Redmond must be a euphemism for “taking a dirt nap,” here.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft is obviously too large, too convoluted, and too mismanaged to even deliver a consistent and clear branding message to consumers, much less make a consistent and clear user experience for the poor saps stuck with their devices and/or trying to use their related online music outfits. Our advice remains consistent and clear: If you want the best and you want it to work well: iPod+iTunes. Most people realize this already, but there always seems to be a handful (in this case, at least; more than just a handful in others) of thick-headed masochists out there.


  1. And I thought MS could not confuse me more…. Or make me laugh at their efforts yet again. LOL ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />


    mdn word “two” as in “You can say that again two times”

  2. Everyone is missing the standard MO for M$.

    They think if they put “Certified for Windows Vista” they will encourage the less tech-minded that they will have to purchase Vista to get the best performance.

    This is a blatant attempt by M$ to convince/lie to the uninformed that they should move to Vista.

    Plus if they get the manufacturers of the music players to put this label on THEIR product it will be more free advertising for Vista.

    M$ is rotten to the core, they are so conniving.

  3. It will now be so easy for them to say “huh… what? what do you mean “plays for sure”…? we didn’t kill that. We honor our promises. we’d never kill a technology with such a horrendously misleading name as that. No, everything is fine. Forget you ever heard of PlaysForSure. These are not the droids you’re looking for.”

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