CNBC: 3G iPhone due June 2008; Apple prepping new 50% thinner MacBook Pro; ups iPod touch production

Apple Online StoreCNBC’s Jim Goldman is reporting that, based on accounts of “Asian manufacturers partnering with Apple Inc.,” a new 3G iPhone is due in June 2008 and that Apple has begun production of a new sub-portable (50% thinner) Macbook Pro featuring flash memory instead of a hard drive that will be announced at Macworld San Francisco in January and will be priced around US$1,500.

Goldman also reports that, due to heavy demand, Apple has increased iPod touch production to 5.1 million units for the current quarter.

Watch the video here.


  1. Yeah the motivation has to be because of the whole NBC/MS thing because all news reporters love to be scooped by their competition on a story. Why would they try to report this first?

    Grow up!

    The real news here is: How will Steve Jobs financially apologize to “early adoptors” (i.e. iShow-offs) this time around?

    Just my $0.02

  2. Ray, come on. iShowoffs? Steve Jobs and Apple did not need to do ANYTHING of the sort. I can’t think of any company gave customers a $100 back for buying something two months earlier. Microsoft? No. Sony? No (did they ever do anything about the Rootkit?). Motorola? Nokia?

    It’s a tech thing. One would expect a new, better one out in a year. I’d be surprised if there was NOT a new one.

  3. Frank,
    not everybody in the world watches CNBC or reads tech blogs. … in fact a very small minority of People would even notice this. Even though, I cannot see what is new here. Apple revamps its products annualy so it’s only natural that the next iPhone comes out at this time. I tell you what. New ipods will be out before next Xmas 2008, so maybe you should’nt buy. Oh and a New Nokia phone will be out this afternoon, and another one tomorrow afternoon…

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