Apple validates 13-inch LED backlight screens ahead of rumored ultra-portable debut

“Apple, which in January is expected to take the wraps off its slimmest and sleekest notebook in years, is reported to have placed orders for a new breed of 13.3-inch LED backlight units with production-ready quantities scheduled for delivery this month,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“[DigiTimes] sources disclosed that Nano-Op’s LED notebook BLU shipments in November were only about 10,000 units, but Apple orders are expected drive up shipments to over 90,000 units in December,” the report claims,” Marsal reports. “Of interest, DigiTimes notes that the component shipments to both Dell and Apple are ‘for high-end models,’ reinforcing assumptions that the Mac maker’s upcoming streamlined notebook will fall somewhere between its existing 13-inch consumer MacBooks and its 15- and 17-inch professional MacBook Pro models.”

“Apple is expected to use a keynote presentation by chief executive Steve Jobs on January 15th to introduce its new 13.3-inch notebook,” Marsal reports.


  1. Nothing to make me regret buying my gorgeous little eee-PC.
    I compared its weight to my iBook, and the Mac feels about ten times heavier, although in reality it isn’t.
    Must be some kind of “threshold” weight above which things seem too heavy to be trivial.
    Not sure what to dow ith my iBook now. It’s made its last train ride, poor thing.

  2. This is exactly what I am waiting for to replace my 5 year old PowerBook G4 12″. I seriously thought about the MacBook several times, but the integrated video, non-LED backlit glossy screen, no backlit keyboard and no FW800 is a turn off, to name a few. The 15” is just too large for my needs.

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