AP reviews HTC Touch: ‘A mess, HTC and Microsoft couldn’t make a decent touch-screen phone’

“If you reach too far, you can lose your balance and fall on your face,” Peter Svensson reports for The Associated Press.

“That’s what happened with the design process for the ‘Touch by HTC,’ one of the smart phones fighting for our attention this holiday season,” Svensson reports.

“The $249 Touch, carried by Sprint Nextel Corp., overreaches badly in trying to be a touch-screen phone just like the iPhone. The resulting mess is the worst phone I’ve tried in the last few years,” Svensson reports.

MacDailyNews Note: The HTC Touch runs (or tries to, at least) on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile software.

“Even with a stylus the Touch is full of problems. When I turned the screen on, I often found it cluttered with inscrutable error messages. The Windows Media music player would skip while playing MP3s, making it useless,” Svensson reports.

“With its first phone, Apple got it right, while the combined efforts of two veterans in the business, HTC and Microsoft, couldn’t make a decent touch-screen phone,” Svensson reports.

Full article here.

Yet another lovely review for the iPhony HTC Touch and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS.

HTC Touch vs. Apple iPhone:

Apple’s OS X-based iPhone:

Direct link via YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3h5-VZoEhi0

HTC’s Windows Mobile-based HTC Touch:

Direct link via YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivxGe2znZQI


  1. Just like the LG/Verizon and all those other copycats that are now calling all listing their phones as touch screens. Technically correct, but all they are doing is blatantly lying and trying to trick consumers that their phones works just like the iPhone. Sad really.

  2. Looking at the interface and user experience compared to the iPhone makes you realise how fantastic the interface is on the iPhone.

    The HTC phone is a typical example what goes wrong almost everytime when you have more than one company developing a product – a mis-match of hardware and software, bundled together.

    This is why I always love anything Apple does, because they design the hardware and software, Apple is in the unique position of controlling the whole user experience.

    If HTC wants to make an iPhone killer (fat chance) then they need to get a software development team and not rely on Microsoft who has their own agenda anyway.

  3. Reality Check:

    I agree, the Xbox 360 can be fun, but even though Microsoft designed both hardware and software it is still plagued with problems. Random freezes. Red rings of death. They had previously set aside $1B to repair all the Xboxes that they think will be returned due to problems and, now, some think that number may not be enough…

  4. To Reality Check –

    What exactly makes the Xbox 360 the world’s #1 gaming console? It surely can’t be by units sold. If it weren’t for Halo 3 they wouldn’t have sold as many as they have. I was in Walmart the other day just going to check one out for a minute but alas there was a big system error on the screen. I thought to myself “typical”.

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