MacMall sales surge 65% over last Thanksgiving driven by strong sales of Apple Macs, iPods

macbook pro,apple macbook proThe holiday shopping season had a strong start at MacMall. Sales for the period from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, November 22 through November 26, 2007, increased by 65% from the same period last year, primarily driven by strong sales of Apple products.

The top selling items for MacMall were:
• Apple MacBook
• Apple MacBook Pro
• Apple iMac
• Microsoft Office 2004 Mac
• iPod nano
• iPod touch
• iPod classic
• Parallels Desktop for Mac

Today MacMall launched a holiday sale that features daily holiday specials on its web site. These daily holiday specials include savings on select models of the popular Apple CPUs and iPods.

Some of the most popular daily holiday specials, while supplies last, are:
An Apple MacBook Pro 17”, which was $2699, is now only $2099 after a $150 mail-in rebate
An Apple iMac, which was $1549, is now only $1449 after a $100 mail-in rebate
The iPod classic 80GB, which was $244, is now only $236.99
A LaCie 500GB USB 2.0 external hard drive for only $114.99
A Kingston 4GB USB flash drive for only $29.99
Free engraving on select models of the Apple iPod

“We are the #1 U.S. direct marketing reseller of Apple computers, in part because we offer a great selection of Macintosh computers, Macintosh peripherals and Macintosh accessories,” said Dan DeVries, MacMall’s Executive Vice President, in the press release.

Source: MacMall


  1. Are you joking?

    Office 2004 update (aka version 11.4.7) will be released in six weeks.

    And apparently it still won’t be Intel ready. Only for PPC.
    Plus MS will be charging you 60 bucks for this upgrade.


  2. Microsoft Office for Mac?

    Are people insane?

    Didn’t anyone even bother researching the rather long history of security issues with Office on the Mac?

    Get the new NeoOfficeJ, it’s Aqua, it’s compatible and it’s free. But you should donate.

    Stick it to Microsoft, stand up or bend over. You choose.

  3. @Ampar: “Are you joking?”

    Yes, er, I mean no. Hell, I can’t remember anymore.

    Oh, and here’s the “actual” truth:

    Microsoft will delay the release of Office 2008 for Mac until mid-January 2008, representatives of the company’s Macintosh Business Unit announced Thursday.

    The long-awaited Intel-native Office, featuring programs such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Entourage, was originally scheduled to be released later this year. Instead, Microsoft said it hoped to release Mac Office 2008 to manufacturing in December, which would allow it to release the product at the January 2008 Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco.

    “We made the decision to do this so we could give users the type of quality that they deserve,” said Craig Eisler, general manager of the Macintosh Business Unit. “This is a quality-driven decision.”

  4. To all Office for Mac bashers – some people, myself included, need it to ensure document portability for work.

    Apple ran a deal last Friday $149 for the student/teacher edition (with a free or $6.99 shipping update for 2008) – with a $100 rebate that is $49 net. I already had it and ordered another – providing a $49 upgrade… sort of my screw Microsoft view since I would have needed it anyway. I assume something similar happening at MacMall

  5. @mm

    The website was indeed useless, but I called and got a rep to give me the web-only discounts on a MacBook Pro for my son’s Christmas gift. Oddly, I first called my normal corporate sales rep, and she told me she couldn’t give me that price. In fact, she said their cost was $2,066 or some such on the machine they were selling at $1,899. Go figure.

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