Analyst: Online demand for Apple iPod touch, iPod classic outstrip supply

“Shares of Apple (AAPL) rose Tuesday morning after an analyst noted online demand for iPods outstripped supply during the ‘Cyber Monday’ shopping spree,” The Associated Press reports.

“Morgan Keegan & Co. analyst Tavis C. McCourt [said in a note to clients that] after the Cyber Monday and Black Friday rush, the 8GB and 16GB versions of the iPod touch are on backorder at some of the Internet’s leading retailers, and the 80GB iPod classic is on backorder at least at one, he said,” AP reports.

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  1. Is Apple repeating MSFT’s lame “Zune 2 sold out” model of not producing large quantities to create a cyber-buzz?

    Of course not.

    What I found interesting this Thanksgiving was that the parents of many kids in my family who were purchasing iPods two years ago for their kids are now wanting iPods for themselves this Christmas.

    That is a HUGE story since there are way more adults 30-60 than there are kids 10-20.

  2. When they combine the iPod Classic with the iPod Touch, I’ll buy one.

    I have WAAAAYYY too much content to wait ten years every time I need to switch out the 16GB.

    I rather just tell iTunes to “synch it all” to a 160GB iPod Touch and go to bed.

    Large storage is the way to go, it upscales and you get more longevity for your money.

  3. This morning on the treadmill I saw a Walmart ad featuring the iPod, showing the new fatboy nano on peoples arms while running. Funny, no mention of Walmarts online music store.
    On the subject of Walmart…a blonde accidently cut off her cat’s tail…immediately she picked up the cat and the tail and rushed to WalMart! Why Walmart? Because it is the worlds largest retailer. ha

  4. @ Eddie N.

    The ZOON is ONLY #1 in hard-drive based players…and compare the price between it and the closest iPod (#3). It’s only a little more than half! Still…..amazing that so many people would buy crap just cuz it’s cheap crap! It’s also interesting that the brown zooney is around $40.00 less than the same model in black.

    In both the Amazon overall best-sellers and overall electronics list there are 6 iPods and a Sandisk listed before you reach the first Zoon.

  5. @ Eddie Nakamura:

    Good point. In the general MP3 category, the zoon is behind the Apple 80 GB iPod classic (black), but when you sort them by “Hard-drive based”, then the zoon jumps to #1 and the Apple 80 GB iPod classic (black) is not even in top 25?!?

    Also, look at the sub-category “Portable Digital Media Players”. The only iPods that are even listed in this category are ones that have “Video” in the title, and an iPod Mini that does not even belong in the category. I hate to think how many people rely on Amazon to help make a buying decision.

    Does this remind you of anything? How is it even able to stay on the market?

  6. mybe a iPod with Radio is for you.

    or how about wifi streaming audio from your desktop to your iPod.

    This way you only carry around what you need.

    NO ONE NEEDS 160 Gb of Music at the touch of their finger…
    but when it comes I’ll save you one here at the Sherway Apple store.

  7. In the future, the large (>80GB) hard-disk drive player will become a very small niche. Instead, Apple will figure out a way so that wifi or wired Internet access back to your own hub (Mac) will enable you to sync up a new set of songs. My prediction is getting flash to 32GB (and maybe 64GB) will be about as far as it will go.

  8. My 1G 10GB iPod is still going strong, including the original battery which still lasts a good 5+ hours between charges. I therefore haven’t felt the need to upgrade. Although I will probably get a shuffle for the gym soon.

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