Native LucasArts games make Apple iPhone, iPod touch ‘absolutely perfect’

“After a long wait, here is the application that makes the iPhone absolutely perfect: ScummVM, the emulation engine that allows you to play LucasArts and Sierra graphic adventures, is now fully working on the iPhone. After trying it I can tell you that if there’s a platform designed to play these kind of games,it’s the iPhone. In fact, these are the only games that truly feel at home on the iPhone, thanks to its great touchscreen support, even better than Apple’s native software,” Jesus Diaz reports for Gizmodo.

MacDailyNews Note: Works with Apple iPod touch, too.

“ScummVM fully supports multi-touch to simulate the behavior of the mouse using gestures. With a single tap you left click, but for a right click you hold one finger and tap with another. To toggle click and drag, which is necessary in some games like Monkey Island 3, you “hold one finger on screen, swipe another up from bottom to top.” Then you can drag something, lift your finger to drop it and it will automatically switch back to normal. Quite ingenious and easy,” Diaz reports.

Full article, including link and screenshots, here.


  1. Unless these are Apple-sanctioned and on the iTunes store, then they presumably rely on Jailbreaking your iPod, so it sounds like an “absolutely perfect” want to void your warranty to me…

  2. Yeah I was super happy till the install instructions said you have to jailbreak your iPhone. 🙁 I spose I will just sit and wait.

    Seriously, you would think Apple could have included ONE game.

  3. @madgunde and Spark

    Thanks for the cool link madgunde. I, too, miss Zork. And Planetfall especially. I spent months working through that game when I was a teenager!

    As for games on the iPhone, I really don’t understand why Apple has included no games at all. They are on every other phone I’ve ever seen, and are invaluable time wasters when on a plane, train, etc.

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