Yared: Last chance to buy Apple shares under $175

Apple Inc. [AAPL] “shares have been a home run for investors in this difficult and challenging year. Apple is fast becoming the business school case study right before our very eyes as this company is executing flawlessly,” Georges Yared writes for Blogging Stocks.

“Currently Apple is at $171 and this may be your last chance to buy it below $175,” Yared writes.

“I estimate Apple will earn $5.10 per share in fiscal 2008 and $6.25 for fiscal year 2009. I also believe these numbers will be revised upwards several times before we see the end of fiscal year 2009. My price target on Apple is $225 … and yes, this will likely go up as well,” Yared writes.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Linux Guy And Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: On September 19, 2007 (with Apple shares closing that day at $140.77), Georges Yared wrote, “This may be your last chance to buy [AAPL] here under $150.” On September 25, 2007, four trading days later, Apple shares closed at $153.18. Apple shares have not been below $150 since.


  1. Not to point the obvious, but Apple’s stock has been trending a bit lower recently.

    Sure there is a uptick now due to holiday buying, but what happens after the holiday buying season is over and the US recession takes effect?

    I know a lot of folks who are not doing so well this holiday season. Their jobs are shaky and their mortgages high.

    Some have foreclosed on their second homes in Florida and Arizona.

  2. I would seriously listen to what Mr. Yared has to say in this regard. Not that its so revolutionary, but because it just adds to the chorus of voices singing the well deserved praises of Apple, Inc.

    I’ve held positions in AAPL since 2000 when it traded at $9.99 per share, so I believe in Apple. In January 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced iPhone to the world, I prognosticated that in the future, people would look back at the performance of AAPL stock and see a clear turning point in value, before and after iPhone. I still maintain this opinion.

    AAPL stock value –
    @ iPhone January intro: $97
    @ iPhone June release: $122
    @ close November 23: $171

    See a pattern?

  3. Typically Apple’s stock goes up big time and then investors cash in for a while. The new bottom seems to be around 160. In mid Jan we will find out how well Apple did over the Xmas.

    There are so many positives. A full portfolio, good product supply and apparently excellent demand.

    I hoping Apple set another 2M mac quarter and sell 30 M iPods and iPhones to generate 1.5 B profit and $1.75 earning per share.

  4. “Pretty soon, people will not be able to buy nor sell anything without first receiving the mark of the beast either on their forearm or forehead.”

    new rule, fundie xtians who preach the end times need to be treated like the bassackward morons that they are….

  5. “Six o’clock – TV hour. Don’t get caught in foreign towers.
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    Every motive escalate. Automotive incinerate.
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