Charlie Sheen caught talking into upside-down Apple iPhone (with Jenny McCarthy)

Actor Charlie Sheen’s been caught talking into an upside-down iPhone — no, no, not an LG Voyager or HTC Touch, those are upside-down and backwards badly faked iPhones — while “acting” in a scene with Jenny McCarthy on a recent episode of the CBS show “Two and a Half Men.”

Over on Engadget, Ryan Block writes, “Seriously, please don’t make us start another feature series of dumbass celebs holding the iPhone upside down. We’d have to call it upsidedownPhone or something equally insipid, and who wants that?”

Full article with another photo here.

Phone? What phone? Boy, Jenny’s looking good these days, isn’t she?


  1. Every time I’ve seen someone using an iPhone on TV shows, which is several times now, they’ve always got it upside down. DUH!

    One of them was all pretend talking on the iPhone upside down and I noticed that the light of the screen didn’t turn off when he was talking into it. I guess the proximity sensor only works if you’re actually on a phone call (and are holding it right side up?).

  2. The proximity sensor only works when you are actually on a call. Of course the screen wouldn’t go dark on an iPod Touch; it doesn’t have a proximity sensor or phone components.

    Why is everyone so worked up about this? These actors are concentrating on acting, and it’s not like they are really receiving phone calls while filming. The conversations are part of the acting.

    I have an iPhone, and it is difficult to pick it up without looking at it and know which side is the top and which is the bottom unless you are actively feeling the phone to determine which side is up.

    Lighten up, people. It’s a frickin’ TV show.

  3. Having worked in the camera department for over 13 years myself, I would venture that the reason why iPhones would be held upside down is for the sheer fact of product placement/copyright/endorsement rules.

    The shiny Apple logo wold be too prominent if the phone was held the right way up so the fast and cheap way is to hold the phone upside down. That way there’s no issue about product placements/endorsements/logos that can pose to be a problem.

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