Forbes: Apple’s iPhone may have already rendered Amazon’s new Kindle eBook reader obsolete

“ Chief Executive Jeff Bezos has created a reason to switch from bound paper books to bits — a device with a wireless connection able to download digital books on the go. The problem: Low-cost laptops and smart phones, such as Apple’s iPhone, coupled with a rich array of online content, may have already made Bezos’ $399 device obsolete,” Brian Caulfield reports for Forbes.

“Google’s Book Search project has already pumped much of the world’s printed matter into Google’s servers. Downloads of classic titles, such as Bleak House, can already be had for free. Mix Apple’s iTunes content distribution smarts with Google’s vast storehouse of content, and you’ll have an instant competitor to Kindle — one with a touch interface and the ability to play movies and music, too,” Caulfield reports.

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  1. My question is why hasn’t apple developed some kind of book distribution system with iTunes? It might have been a little bit hard to read with an iPod classic screen but with an iPhone and the itouch why not. I would have thought that selling me iBooks that I could read on my mac via iTunes would have been done already. Same model as audio books being sold on iTunes, just with PDF and a built in viewer in iTunes like video has. What do yo think?

  2. Kindle won’t sell many copies b/c: it’s ugly, if i remember correctly Sony Reader’s screen is not covered under warranty and i’d expect the same with Kindle, the cost for hardware is very high, the overall benefit to buying Kindle vs. buying new or used books doesn’t justify the cost. Nice effort, Amazon, but come back in a few years with version 3 of hardware and online store.

  3. The real question is: Will the technology really save forests of trees? And one has to think about the fancy bookmark makers going the way of the buggy whip makers, huh?
    Seriously though, it is just the pixel density of the screens that is the controlling tech for the transition… it would seem that it is around 250 to 300 ppi like the old laser output, for minimum acceptable legibility

  4. no real info on their wacky new drm system. Lose your Kindle? Repurchase your ebooks? Can you read these ebooks on your computer? A year from now when this fails, what will you be able to do with these purchased ebooks? Hell, you can’t even print them out. And fair use is out the window.

  5. @ I love glossy,

    What is the itouch?

    The next offering will be an itouch Leopard! when the latest Flash dual core memory becomes available!

    Check the link below out and enjoy!!!

    Also please note that Apple inc. have already bought most of the Flash memory chips even before the have been produced hence the shortage!

    By the time Apple inc. have had enough Flash chips, the other makers will only then just start to make what Apple inc. have left behind.

  6. One more thing “I love glossy”

    You are right to love glossy, the majority of glossy whingers conveniently forget their experience with Cathode Ray TV’s, monitors & most of all Cashpoint Machines or ATM’s all of which incorporate a nice tough glossy screen!!!!

    Hear of anyone complain about reflection from an ATM’s glossy?

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